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Dot CityHow I Feel 26. Mär. 2010
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Über mich

The hip-hop world is at a crossroads - in the face of depleting budgets, poor album sales, and lackluster content that has minimal substance, it is safe to say that the lyrical art form that is hip-hop, is in dire need for repair. We can not accept that a hot beat, a gimmicky dance, and nursery rhyme lyrics are the blueprint for hip-hop music for today and beyond.

That is not acceptable. However, in the sea of mundane mediocrity, always lies the purists, the avante garde, the realists - Enter Dot City.

Looking to excel where other contemporaries have failed, DOT CITY brings promise of a new day in hip hop music. The members of DOT CITY are Mr. Peabody & Streetz who met in their elementary school years at a local basketball event; they formed a bond that was based on a mutual respect. Following their creative talents and love for hip-hop music, the two formed a group in their teenage years as they wanted to display their lyrical skills and abilities. Based out of Toronto, but globally minded, and rich off of personal experience, hardships, and pains, DOT CITY aims to bring feelings back to hip-hop music. With such a diverse display fusing their everyday struggles & situations with music, DOT CITY is poised to wake up a dormant industry and cement their name in this game called ‘hip-hop’.


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