• Why does everything always go the wrong way for me lol...seriously...

    26. Nov. 2011, 1:31

    Wed 23 Nov – VNV Nation, Straftanz

    My experience was horrible (not because VNV Nation, they were great the few minutes I got to see them) I worked a 10hr day and knew that I might be about 30min-1hr late to the show...well on our 2 hr drive down to the show box we got lost (obviously I don't go to Seattle much lol) We finally found the show box, but could not find any parking (it was already 10:30, 2 1/2 hrs late, but at lease we were going to go to the after party) once we found parking I paid with the credit card, but somehow dropped my drivers licence on the ground & within 2 min I realized it and ran back to where I dropped it...of course it was gone & no one picked it up and told me as I was trying to pay to park. We walked a few blocks to the Show Box and we got there right after 11pm. We were told that the ticket booth was closed & that we were not able to come in. I was so upset, that they let us pay $60 and just go in. We were off the the right of the stage (I was the girl in the green circuit print dress with green hair). I was almost crying about the whole situation. I had been planning on seeing them for over 3 months. I sewed my dress & I made my hair for about 2 months. We only got to hear the last 5 songs of the show. Ronan even walked to the right side of the stage & pointed me out...probably because I was up against the wall with the biggest disappointed frown on my face. We were unable to go to the after party (even though I am the one who posted the update for everyone to see on FB and Last.FM, that they would be spinning at the Noc Noc)...So we got back in our car and drove after party and barely any concert I am still pissed about what happened and who knows when they will be back...or if I will be able to go to their next show (I missed their show in 2009)...I hope everyone else was able to have a better experience than me and I REALLY hope they come back soon... because only getting to hear not even 5 full songs sucked :(
  • A23 in Seattle - 3/29/2010

    31. Mär. 2010, 15:48

    Mon 29 Mar – Assemblage 23
    This was a spectacular show, there was a great variety of older A23 music, along with some new pieces from Tom. I was worried that the show being on a Monday would result in less people showing up, especially for the first show of the tour. It started off with a good amount of people, but by halfway through it was pretty packed. El Corazon is a pretty small venue it was nice to the first person at the front of the stage. It was great when Tom would come and sing directly in front of me and make eye contact with us. All in all it was great! The energy was awesome for the first show of the tour. I am really glad that I was able to go. I am pretty bummed I wasn't able to drive to Portland to support the tour more. Thanks Tom and crew for an awesome show!