Meine Playlist der Woche


27. Apr. 2008, 17:46

1 - ABBA "Arrival" Arrival

2 - David Bowie "The Man Who Sold The World" The Man Who Sold the World

3 - Lou Reed "Perfect Day" Perfect Day

4 - Bryan Ferry "Don't Stop The Dance" Don't Stop the Dance

5 - Portishead "Silence" Silence

6 - Saint Etienne "A Good Thing"
A Good Thing

7 - The Long Blondes "Guilt"

8 - Metric "Grow Up and Blow Away" Grow Up and Blow Away

9 - Elastica "Waking Up" Waking Up

10 - U2 "In a Little While" In a Little While

11 - Eskobar "You Can't Hear Me" You Can't Hear Me

12 - The Cure "A Forest" A Forest

13 - MIST "Heart Surgery" Heart Surgery

14 - Kasabian "Empire" Empire

15 - Tocotronic "Hi Freaks" Hi Freaks

16 - The New Pornographers "Use It"
Use It

17 - Thom Yorke "Analyse" Analyse

18 - Hushpuppies "Sorry So"
Sorry So

19 - Tomte "Ich sang die ganze Zeit von dir" Ich sang die ganze Zeit von Dir

20 - Depeche Mode "Sister Of Night" Sister of Night

Lou Reed
Portishead Saint Etienne The Long Blondes Metric Elastica U2 Eskobar The Cure MIsT Kasabian Tocotronic The New Pornographers Tomte Thom Yorke Hushpuppies Depeche Mode Bryan Ferry David Bowie


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