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YuckSunday 26. Nov., 9:41
The NotwistConsequence 26. Nov., 9:32
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Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About.

The sense of discovery, of having to hunt for music, has largely been stripped; listeners instead skim and browse, sampling without ever having to make a financial commitment to a group. There's no longer a sense of mystery or myth about a band - their entire biography, what they look like, even the rest of their catalog is immediately accessible online. And investigating who they are is a solitary pursuit, one that doesn't necessitate speaking with other listeners who've already done that legwork, or by reading zines or scouring liner notes.

In the iPod era, we perhaps spend more time hearing music than any time before but less time listening to it - it's almost always relegated to background/ambient noise, and typically something we do in isolation. Instead, music is increasingly a lifestyle accoutrement, a soundtrack to the other foregrounded things you're doing in your life rather than a central activity. The act of sitting and listening to a record and doing nothing else is sadly antiquated. The idea of doing that with someone else and talking about music is probably even more rare.

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