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Über mich

The same old shit about Bios, I really can't talk about me, but, i can say what I think about me, (this sounds boring) so let's get started, enough of bullshit. At this moment i'm only (only? i'm old crap ! ) 18 (eighteen years old for those who don't like maths), I I was born in the 3rd (third) day of the 3rd (third) month (it's March) in the year of 1991 (do I look old now?). So I love my city, i've allways lived in here, in city of PORTO (in foreign countries people usually say "Oporto" really don't know why..) in Portugal, Europe, Planet Earth. So in this type of Bios people say what they like, so I do not go to lose time, I only go to say the music i like to play : Electro, Indie Dance, Trash, Electronica etc: but i've allways loved hip hop, Soul, the Jazz ! Funk etc etc .: summarizing i really think that i'm an opened mind to the world, i'm not too fancy but also I am not too common, i'm a dj ! yeah that's the right word !