ムック - 志恩 [Shion] review.


5. Apr. 2008, 21:32

HISTORICAAAAL ! For the first time since I signed in Lastfm, I have been writing a post in english ! Yes, I'VE GOOOT THE POWER. I know my english is awful, but please don't pay attention to that. I'm really sorry.

I wasn't brave enough to write my shitty live reports in english because even if Dir en grey's awesome concert reunited people from the whole Europa, DIO was just a little gig in Lyon, so there were only French people there and it's was useless to write it in English. I have decided not to write this one in french, because I hope people will read this and share their opinions about this album =D I love reading different opinions, especially when they are dealing with music [and MUCC haha]

I must confess that I was really, really waiting for this album because I was quite divided when I heard the different singles. I loved リブラ [Libra] which is, in my opinion, one of the best MUCC songs. I still hate フライト [Flight] [worst MUCC song ever.] and I didn't know what to think about ファズ [FUZZ].
Let's begin this [awful] review !

水恩 [Instrumental] : I'm not usually really keen on simple instrumentals, but I always love MUCC ones because they often show how the album will be like. [I don't know if you manage to guess what I mean, it's hard to write in english for me] Water drops sounds since the beginning creates a strange and lugubrious atmosphere, which reminds me Deity by Dir en grey. [a little bit]. Little by little, 'Oriental' rhythms quicken and make this instru become more and more worrying. No better way to begin this album.

梟の揺り篭 [Fukuro No Yurikago] : First time I listened to this song, I was thinking 'Is it really MUCC ?!'. It's unlike everything MUCC had done before. Oriental rhythms at the beginning reminds me of the intro ones. Then blow up drums and electro rhythms which make this song so powerful. I think this one is really symbolic of the new musical direction MUCC takes. [with アンジャベル (Anjelier) of course.]

塗り潰すなら臙脂 [Nuritsubusunara Enji] : More common song. Strong guitar and punchy drums. [I don't find the word I want to describe drums] The guitar solo sounds so MUCC-ish in my opinion and is totally typical of this band's music. I would like to hear a live version of this song, it must be truly awesome.

ファズ [FUZZ] : As I said, first time I listened to FUZZ I didn't know what to think ... When you listen to MUCC, no matter if you're listenning to a 'joyful' song like 夕紅 [Yuubeni] or to a breathtaking compo like 未完の絵画 [Mikan no Kaiga] for example, no matter which album you're listening to, there's always something that make you think 'Here's the MUCC sound.' and here, I didn't recognize it through the instrumental or through Tatsurô way of singing. Like many people [I think], I was surprised by electro sounds they added to their music. I always thought that one of MUCC's particularities was that YUKKE's bass was put into relief and in FUZZ, it seemed that this particularity didn't appear as clear as before. I didn't love this song, I didn't hate it ... I had no precise opinion about this song. But the more I listen to it, the more I love it. Beautiful lyrics too.

ゲーム [Game] : Without any passing, Game is a new type song since the beginning of the album. Pleasant song even if I regret that it never 'rises' [in spite of guitar at 3min23]. Sensual lyrics haha.

フライト-Album ver.- [Flight -Album ver.] : I hoped that the album version would make me like this song a little bit more ... and I still hate it. 'Effortless' song, I can't bear it. Nothing left to say about this one.

アンジャベル [Anjelier] : When I listened to Shion for the first time, _g said to me 'You will see, Fukurô no Yurikago isn't the more surprising song in the album' I was telling her : 'How is it possible ?! oO' and she was right. The mix between strong guitar and electro sounds is totally unexpected but I'm fond of this song. Such a powerful track too. It must be the biggest surprise on Shion. I think I could listen to it again and again without never get bored of it. Tatsurô sings much higher as before : really incredible song. I wish I could hear it in live haha.

小さな窓 [Chiisana Mado] : Such a sudden change ... Chiisana Mado reminds me of Game : It could have been a breathtaking song but it never 'rises' too ... [In spite of Tatsurô’s deeper way of singing at the end of the song] Anyway, I like this one without being as fantastic as the others.

蝉時雨 [Semishigure] : I already knew this song because of the live bootleg version and I was very happy to find it on this album. Wonderful song. Definitely, one of the best songs on Shion. [You see that the end of this shitty review is near …]

志恩 [Shion] : Like _g [again], I think that this song would have been perfect just after the intro because of the same rhythms at the beginning. I needn’t more than one listening to think that this song was one of the best tracks on Shion. I’m fond of the atmosphere. Quite chaotic and worrying, it reminds me of 双心の声 [Soushin no Koe] on Zekuu on the chorus. Guitar at the beginning is truly awesome.

空忘れ [Sorawasure] : It may be the song I like the less on Shion. I may need to listen to it more than I do. Nothing more to say about this one –“

シヴァ [Shiva] : The same as Sorawasure … But, in a few days, I may say 'OOOOH THIS SONG IS AWESOME ! WHY DID I SAY THAT IT WASN’T INCREDIBLE EARLIER ?'

リブラ -Album ver.- [Libra -Album ver.] : Definitely, one of my favourite MUCC songs EVER. Awesome intro. Tatsurô whispers the couplets that make the chorus ‘blow’ [I don’t know if my sentence in English means something but I don’t manage to find the right verb –“] with an incredible strength. Time from 2:30 to 3:13, when guitar becomes stronger and when Tatsurô’s singing gets more 'aggressive' puts this song among 'MUCC’s masterpieces'. Crowning moment of this album.

Conclusion : Shion doesn't appear like any other MUCC album and I love the new musical direction they take. Really surprising but fantastic. I just regret Flight in the tracklist … but it’s not very important haha.

Whoah, I finally finished ! =D I’m waiting for your opinions guys ! [There must be a lot of mistakes --"]


  • _g

    I think we all regret Flight... Maybe in a couple of years, MUCC will look back on that songs and say what the hell were we thinking ?!! CONGRALUATIONS ! You did it ! You wrote en entier post in english =O And you manage to say something about every songs (something I cant do) awful english: tu veux des baffes ? --

    6. Apr. 2008, 12:50
  • hotarunohikari

    Bonne critique d'un album que je n'ai que trop peu écouté jusque là, je rejoins ton avis sur la plupart des pistes :)

    25. Mär. 2009, 5:26
  • Distraught_

    Merci ! J'ai toujours pas écouté le dernier, j'ai un peu peur d'être déçue sachant que j'ai trouvé Ageha bien, mais que j'ai pas trop aimé Sora to Ito ... T'as réussi à tout lire (j'ai du mal à relire mes review ha ha ha), bravo O_O Je pense qu'il faut plusieurs écoutes pour vraiment apprécier Shion vu qu'il diffère vraiment des albums précédents, mais ça reste un très bon album de MUCC quand même. Merci encore =D

    25. Mär. 2009, 14:26
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