Days of the NewWhat's Left For Me Lieblingslied 25
SeemlessEyes Of A Child Lieblingslied 21
Alice in ChainsThem Bones Lieblingslied 20
Alice in ChainsRain When I Die Lieblingslied 19
In This MomentThe Legacy Of Odio Lieblingslied 19
PanteraWalk Lieblingslied 18
Temple of the DogSay Hello 2 Heaven Lieblingslied 18
Days of the NewLast One Lieblingslied 18
Killswitch EngageThe Element of One Lieblingslied 18
Days of the NewNot The Same Lieblingslied 17
IsisGhost Key Lieblingslied 17
Alice in ChainsWould? Lieblingslied 15
CandleboxFar Behind Lieblingslied 15
AftershockLetters Lieblingslied 15
Days of the NewOnce Again Lieblingslied 14
Killswitch EngageNumbered Days Lieblingslied 14
SeemlessThe Deep Below Lieblingslied 14
Mad SeasonLong Gone Day Lieblingslied 13
Days of the NewThe Down Town Lieblingslied 13
Jerry CantrellSatisfy Lieblingslied 13
Days of the NewThe Real Lieblingslied 13
SeemlessEndless Lieblingslied 13
Cowboys & AliensMoving Target Lieblingslied 13
SeemlessNumb Lieblingslied 13
ShinedownDevour Lieblingslied 13
Johnny CashHurt Lieblingslied 12
Days of the NewTouch, Peel And Stand Lieblingslied 12
Days of the NewSolitude Lieblingslied 12
Days of the NewWhimsical Lieblingslied 12
CandleboxSometimes Lieblingslied 12
Lo-ProNot Me Lieblingslied 12
In This MomentBeautiful Tragedy Lieblingslied 12
IsisHall of the Dead Lieblingslied 12
Pearl JamJeremy Lieblingslied 11
SoundgardenPretty Noose Lieblingslied 11
Alice in ChainsRooster Lieblingslied 11
Alice in ChainsDown in a Hole Lieblingslied 11
Days of the NewNow Lieblingslied 11
Temple of the DogYour Saviour Lieblingslied 11
FlyleafFully Alive Lieblingslied 11
Seemless...Things Fall Apart Lieblingslied 11
CandleboxBreathe Me In Lieblingslied 11
IsisHand of the Host Lieblingslied 11
FlyleafMissing Lieblingslied 11
Iron MaidenGhost of the Navigator Lieblingslied 10
Alice in ChainsNutshell Lieblingslied 10
Alice in ChainsDam That River Lieblingslied 10
Temple of the DogPushin Forward Back Lieblingslied 10
Temple of the DogAll Night Thing Lieblingslied 10
Mad SeasonI Don't Know Anything Lieblingslied 10