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25. Dez. 2006, 3:36

Don't remember where I kidnapped this. Most likely someone off here. And I skipped a few hundred Sinatra songs because I didn't want too many of the same artist, noooo.

01. Grand Theft Autumn
02. My Romance
03. I'll Never Smile Again
04. Love Will Come Through
05. Suite for solo cello No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007: Praeludium
06. Get Back
07. Recently Distressed
08. Sexy Ladies/Let Me Talk to You Prelude
09. Peace
10. Bones
11. Elmer's Tune
12. The Guest (Live)
13. Put Your Head on My Shoulder
14. Stuck In America
15. She's Funny That Way
16. These Arms of Mine
17. The End
18. Take a Bow
19. Too Far Gone
20. Rarefied
21. Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
22. Pink Bullets
23. Look After You
24. Trouble
25. Rejazz
26. My Isle of Golden Dreams
27. Some Trust
28. I’ll Be Around
29. On Top
30. Matchbox
31. Yes, My Darling Daughter
32. Softly, As I Leave You
33. Lazy River
34. The Christmas Waltz
35. Creep
36. Up in Arms
37. Wasteside
38. At Your Funeral
39. My Love
40. So I Fall Again

1. Which song do you prefer, #1 or #40?
I don’t know, I kind of am strangely fond of both. I mean number one is a Fall Out Boy song I actually like but I’m also pretty much in love with anything by Phantom Planet.

02. Have you ever listened to #12 continuously on repeat?
I don’t think so, no

03. What album is #26 from?
Don’t know. I imagine you can find it one quite a few though, really.

04. What do you think about the artist who did #15?
Sinatra is a god.

05. Is #19 one of your favorite songs?
Nope. Haven’t listened to it in forever. However I used to listen to that AAR album all. the.time.

06. Who does #38 remind you of?
I don’t. Good old emo Saves the Day?

07. Does #20 have better lyrics or music?
I’ll have to go with music, I think.

08. Do any of your friends like #3?
Maybe, maybe.

09. Is #33 from a movie soundtrack?
Not that I know of & I highly doubt it.

10. Is #18 overplayed on the radio?
I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s a single. I honestly don’t know. I think it’s off their new album which I’m so not loving.

11. What does #21 remind you of?
Baaaaallet dancers. Even though it has nothing to do with that but shhh.

12. Which song do you prefer, #5 or #22?
Depends on what mood I’m in really.

13. What album is #17 from?
Not sure.

14. When did you first hear #39?
Whenever the single came out, I think.

15. When did you first hear #7?
Probably when I downloaded their discography.

16. What genre is #8?
Poptastic, I suppose.

17. Do any of your friends like #14?
Don’t know. Someone out there probably has liked it at one point.

18. What color does #4 remind you of?
Red or light blue. Sometimes green. Heh. Shh.

19. Have you ever blasted #11 on your stereo?
Not really. I never feel the need to listen to it that loud.

20. What genre is #37?
Indie, maybe.

21. Can you play #13 on any instrument?
If I had the sheet music for it I might be able to on the piano.

22. What is your favorite lyric from #30?
“Well, if you don’t want my peaches, honey, please don’t shake my tree.” is all I can really think of right now besides “maaatchbox hole in my clothes”

23. What is your favorite lyric from #23?
“Forgive the urgency but hurry up & wait, my heart has started to separate.”

24. Would you recommend #24 to your friends?
I’m sure everyone has heard this song by now so no need to recommend really.

25. Is #2 a good song to dance to?
I suppose it could be. I don’t know nor care. I don’t dance =]

26. Have you ever heard #16 on the radio?
No, I heard it on lost for the first ever.

27. Is #32 more of a "nighttime" or "daytime" song?
Nighttime, I suppose because it’s more mellow?

28. Does #36 have any special meaning to you?
Not overly so, but it is rather pretty.

29. Do any of your friends like #31?
Lol no I really just doubt it but I adore it.

30. Is #25 a fast or slow song?
Lovely mellowness.

31. Is #35 a happy or sad song?
Uh, well, sad?

32. What is one of your favorite lyrics from #9?
I don’t rightly have one. It’s not that I dislike the song or anything but winamp loves it so much that I can’t honestly say I pay attention to it much anymore.

33. Is #34 better to listen to alone or with friends?
Can’t say it really matters.

34. When did you first hear #27?
Whenever I kidnapped the album that it’s on.

35. Name 3 other songs by the artist who did #29:
Andy, You’re A Star, Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, & Mr. Brightside

36. Do you know all the words to #6?
Probably not.

37. Does #28 have better lyrics or music?
How about voice?

38. What album is #10 from?
I do believe it is on Foot In Mouth Disease


  • bexestabueno

    i really want to listen to coldplays 'trouble' but i cant find my cd that the song is on. very sad face for bexinator. you do like the olides dontcha.

    30. Dez. 2006, 17:29
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