[Free] Mix CD - Snap, Crackles & Pop


20. Mär. 2007, 18:18

Being a bit of a perfectionist I've had this mix ready for about 3 months but I wasn't completely happy with it, but now I'm confident that it's ready for general consumption.

Snap, Crackles & Pop, like all my mixes, doesn't have an agenda. It is a collection of songs I like. This is months of work on and off, with up to 5 layers of mixing in places, so I hope you like it.

Track list
01. I Want You
02. Facing That Void Ft. Maroons
03. The Devil
04. Losing My Edge
05. Crisps
06. I Want 2
07. The Force
08. Battleflag
09. Her Majesty's Hokey Cokey
10. Hi-Tek Marvin
11. The Ownerz
12. What's The Use (Mocky Remix)
13. Human Nature
14. Right Here (Human Nature)
15. Let's Ride
16. Fallen
17. Exclusively
18. 1 Thing
19. Canto De Ossanha
20. Comfortably Numb
21. Eye of the Tiger
22. I'll Never Forget
23. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (demo)
24. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
25. Our Time Is Coming
26. Wrong

Technical info
Again mixing done in Virtual DJ, chopping and editing done in Soundforge. All MP3s have been encoded in 192kbps CBR MP3s.

A quick note about CUE sheets
You can download this mix as one large MP3 with a CUE sheet that describes where the track marks fall. Winamp with the CUE Player plugin will show it as separate tracks that you can jump to, and if you open the .cue file in a CD burning application such as Nero you should be able to burn the mix to CD with track marks. CUE sheets are over overlooked, and the main advantage of MP3/CUE is that it avoids gaps when the track changes, leaving the CD exactly as intended, which is particularly important in mixes.

Ways to listen
This time I've made a scene release style package with an NFO and included some cover art to go with it

Download this mix as MP3/CUE (.zip) 109MiB
Download this mix as 26 MP3s (.zip) 109MiB

All copyrights are the property of their respective owners. The combination of these works is for academic purposes only and should be considered fair use. If you like the songs buy them!

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  • hawken1

    Thanks for the mix! Great sound quality! Håkan

    27. Mär. 2007, 2:46
  • stoibee

    The sun is bright, the first wiffs of the barbecue are drifting through the open windows and Snap Crackles and Pop is on iTunes! Nice one Dijital - have you heard the Miles Davis version of Human Nature

    15. Apr. 2007, 12:14
  • Dijital

    I hadn't heard the Miles Davis version until now no. Cheers for checking my mix out. Next one soon to follow!

    18. Apr. 2007, 18:01
  • katzk

    I found this randomly while browsing last.fm, downloading for a snack! Mixed CDs are probably the best way to discover new music. (And it has Battleflag, so it's got to be good.)

    31. Jul. 2007, 9:39
  • e-beef

    thanks for the mix! like the person above, found this randomly and can't wait to take a listen.. awesome track list. :D

    2. Okt. 2007, 23:03
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