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Über mich

wraeth's radio... still in my early stages of learning radio and podcasting, but give it a listen!


"TCRE? TCTE? Who they?" I hear you ask...

Well, they is part of CoolestEverLand internetz empire, which incorporates:

CoolestBlog - for alerting the world to stuff wot we have found or done!

CoolestForums- the original TCTE bulletin boards, devoted to an endless quest for the coolest stuff in every area of life! Dude, we's in the MyFreeForum Top Ten - we must be cool!!!

CoolestGallery - top art & photography shizzle!

CoolestRadio - TCRE Podcast Network, packed full of musical delights fo yo listening pleasure! Stream, download or subscribe to 60+ hours of shows ALL FOR FREE!!!

CoolestWiki - a cross-referenced database about everything cool in the world, ever, plus all you could ever want to know about CoolestEverLand!

So, swing by some time... Just keep it post-Nagasaki.

Tally ho & shizzle!