23. Apr. 2009, 3:36

Ah yes, what a masterful play this be. William Shakespeare, what a great guy he was or whoever wrote it if you're in to those conspiracy theories. Now then, ever since I read it in my last year of high school, I have been in love with it. The character Hamlet, wow, so amazing. Was it just an act or was he fucking insane? The world may never know. He was also a total badass. Pulling the ol' switcheroo and sending Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to their death. What a great turn of events that was It is because these reasons and various others that I'd rather not get into, that I became interested in one day performing as Hamlet. It became my dream basically. I wanted to be up there on stage by myself cranking out those soliloquies. I'd always read them out loud, people thought I was pretty awesome. But then I completely forgot about all that. Until recently when I heard a line in a movie, and I yelled out, "Whoaaaa that's a line from Hamlet's most famous soliloquy" And so my interest in this character was reignited. But now I'm a completely different person. I've regressed and am a shadow of my former self in terms of maturity. And so now I don't want to wow people with an intense performance displaying the apparent insanity of the prince, I want to perform as this character but like it's some fucking joke. I'm talking a camp infused performance. Maybe with some completely over the top bad acting that would make William Shakespeare(or the other guy) roll in his grave. Oh yes, I want to fucking butcher that which I used to admire. Think the "Romeo and Juliet" performance in Hot Fuzz for reference I guess. Now then, to find anyone who wants to help me out in fulfilling this wacky want. Godspeed I say to myself!

tl;dr Fuck you motherfucker for not taking the time to read this shit. I hate your fucking guts. I want to chainsaw your face.


  • RadioheadFACE

    I have a dream. I'm going to make DemonCashew: The Musical. People in the audience will be like "Whoaaaa that's a line from DC's famous last.fm journal!" Because when I dream, I dream big.

    23. Apr. 2009, 3:41
  • DemonCashew

    What a wacky coincidence. Assuming you read it, I suppose I spoiled something. That's cool.

    23. Apr. 2009, 4:23
  • DemonCashew

    Oh you.

    5. Mai. 2009, 11:00
  • scrollbuttons

    Greetings, Mr Shade_of_God. I am writing to inform you that you have discovered our little secret. Our plans for world domination are almost complete, and you will soon be working as a slave labourer on a plantation under the direct command of niggers. Your rebellious antics of listening to RAC and posting nationalistic rants on last.fm are futile, and there is nothing you can do to stop us. Regards, Jews.

    5. Mai. 2009, 22:50
  • cock_scientist

    Nice logic Shade_of_God. When you have a decent argument against interraiciality, let me know. Every proponent of "scientific racism" before you has failed, because there is absolutely zero evidence supporting any of its claims. You strike me as, to put it kindly, borderline fucking retarded.

    6. Mai. 2009, 10:00
  • cock_scientist

    That is what a logician would call an inverse ad hominem fallacy, Shade of God. You are a fucking idiot, perhaps you should stop posting.

    7. Mai. 2009, 18:21
  • insideabox

    WHOA FUCKING SPOILER ALERT BRO YOU'VE RUINED IT NOW Hamlet was cool, I just really like that one line, "Denmark's a prison".

    7. Mai. 2009, 21:31
  • xBlackxMoonx


    9. Mai. 2009, 22:48
  • Sardoniscorn

    The truth: Horatio is a woman in disguise trying to "get with" the Hamlet. Think about it.

    11. Mai. 2009, 7:27
  • catachresistant

    :O The Nazis was right about the Russians.

    25. Mai. 2009, 13:39
  • catachresistant

    Die slavic dog.

    25. Mai. 2009, 13:39
  • android9791

    i would like to make DemonCashew: The Musical, happen!!! I will play the part... of ME!!!!! *great applause from people in my head*

    3. Aug. 2009, 8:00
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