5. Mai. 2012, 18:26

Fri 4 May – M83, I Break Horses
Drummer, Drums were amazing...they sounded so good live...i break horses were good too...we all really liked the vocalist...she was very pretty and had a great smile...but couldnt understand a word she said...however i could just hear that she was in tune with the song...but anyways back M83...i also loved the guitar work from the frontman and the light show was fantastic...i noticed they had like 5 mac computers to side of the i couldnt help but wonder what sounds were coming from which synths and keyboards or from macs...that didnt bother me that much though because each member brought skills and talent as they switched instruments and sang on all tracks...the female vocalist was great...her voice fits so well to the music...and she had her long hair and her tight black top that revealed her sexy...M83 was awesome...would love to see them again...and they did have a real sax man come out for midnight city...he did have some mic issues though...hope they come back to venue like the Riv again...i prob. wont be seeing them at lolla later this year...too big too expensive.


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