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Über mich

Sharon (shon) Graziani a.k.a delginzoo was born in Tel-Aviv (1982) to an Italian father and Yemen mother. As a child he was surrounded with music and art, was influenced from his father..s music and painting and the knowledge of his mother in the fine art and love for classic music. When he was 11 years old he discovered that he can mix tunes in his mind and started to put it on the first sequencers programs "st3" and "impulse tracker". Everything started as kid..s game. Then he began to realize that there is something in it. His love to music brought him to play in friends parties, when he was only 12, mixing and playing the newest Dance, Techno tunes of the 90's. After some years of traveling with family and friends around Europe and collecting music, he started dj-ing in clubs in Tel-Aviv such as "pacha", "dugit", "1942 club" and more. He was continuing to do it till he was 21. At this age he started to travel around the world, this time on his own. First destination was the "U.S.A" there he was living, composing music and dj-ing in local parties at phoenix Arizona, and Las-Vegas. One year later he moved to Italy there he was working in a fashion designing company named "David Mayer". One of his projects was to design the sound and the atmosphere in their flag shops around the world and editing their fashion collection clips. When he visited Budapest for an exhibition of his father..s paintings, he felt in love with the city and decided to move here... one of the reasons was the pumping nightlife style of it. Today he is remixing music and making his own tunes influenced by classic melodic Techno and Trance music, while giving it a new vibe and interpretations. He get his ideas from the strange connection to the world changing process, the natural movement of sound in nature, the astronomical planetarium and the industrial age we are living in, bringing in his music the natural rhythm and beats that cross his mind. He really believes that everything around us is music, the water, the wind, the movement of people and the mechanics we create. You only really need to listen. These days he is sharing his music with the world by broadcast it true the Internet and dj-ing in local events and parties.

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