27. Sep. 2009, 19:26

"No matter how hard I try
Can't get these visions off my mind
Involuntary search, I see you everywhere
Not to be near but still not far from my head
Miles away but tattooed in my heart

Visions of you
Even in my sleep your face is in my every dream
And when I'm awake
I hear your voice like a song
Visions come alive
I just close my eyes
It's feels like I could touch you
Back to reality, I know you won't be there tonight
By my side

My life since we met,
Visions of you
The fleeting moments, nights flying high
They never seemed enough to me
Will I ever have you once again, in my arms
And feel your body again so close to mine
Our souls could entwine

Visions of you
Falling for me
Will they ever become true
And set my soul free
Would they be premonitions
Of a love so pure and true
Or just my fantasy"



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