Is it gravity, chemistry, physically pullin me♪♪ , Weiblich, Vereinigte Staaten…Zuletzt gesehen: Februar 2015

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Rita OraI Will Never Let You Down 24. Feb., 17:22
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Hey guys(; it's Death Hatred here. And this is my space.(; i'm pretty much the same as always, just a little older. i'm loud and everything as always. i'm always sweet and nice and i try to avoid hurting feelings. i love chocolates and candy hearts and all that jazz. i'm not really too much of a Last.Fm freak like i was anymore but i try to sign in every so often. Recently, i haven't been myself, but from now onwards, i plan to fully show my true self to the world. i'm outgoing and fun and i like to party and hang, so hit me up whenever :) My bestfriends know who you are, as well as my close friends. i'm single and livin' life so just ask for my digits(; i love to talk and have conversation, so message me anytime(; Love you Guys! :D

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