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AvengerOslava vzteku Gestern um 04:14
AvengerNeschopen Gestern um 04:09
AvengerZajat vĕčnou nocí Gestern um 04:07
AvengerRituál hnĕvu Gestern um 04:02
AvengerRadost z beznadĕje Gestern um 03:56
AvengerVitriol Gestern um 03:52
AvengerHlasy Deliria Gestern um 03:50
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KarnariumOde To The Black Mother Gestern um 03:08
KarnariumHarness the Arcane Rhythm Gestern um 03:01
KarnariumOrder Of Ahamkara Gestern um 02:57
KarnariumYoga of Tamas (After the Seduction) Gestern um 02:50
KarnariumPer me reges regnant Gestern um 02:38
KarnariumTravelling through all Spheres of Thought Gestern um 02:32
KarnariumA Maddening Laughter Gestern um 02:29
KarnariumPrologue to the Event Horizon Gestern um 02:25
PseudogodThe Triangular Phosphorescence Gestern um 02:17
PseudogodEncarnación del Mal Gestern um 02:12
PseudogodNecromancy of the Iron Darkness Gestern um 02:08
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Über mich

My perspective is basically just that identities/ideas based on political affiliation, race, gender, etc. are trivial when considering just how culturally degraded and intellectually misguided our society has become. Those in power maintain their power not by being the strongest, most inspirational leaders, but by tempting/manipulating the biological/psychological weaknesses of their subjects, thereby debilitating them and debasing civilization as a whole. Our society, at this point, more closely resembles a factory farm for human labor and ingenuity than it does a legitimate civilization. With regards to how society actually functions, human beings are scarcely more aware than their bovine analogues. We as a people are knee deep in our own shit, schizophrenic, and competing with each other for mere scraps. These are end times. Though the meat still twitches, this society's culture is long dead, and there's no going back. Kali looms large on the horizon. As her means, it is our destiny to carve a niche for ourselves in the side of this swollen carcass, plant the seeds of Satya Yuga, and use as fertilizer as much of this corpse as possible before it gets ripped to shreds and rots into the earth.

Death by Rebirth.