• Ten Things Everybody Loves Max For:

    27. Mai. 2009, 3:56

    Why we love this strange creature

    1. His try-hard quasi-philosophical babble in Literature
    2. His lovable bad breath
    3. Sultans of Swing
    4. "Mocha... it's just a Mocha"
    5. Though he'll try to deny it, his Marfan Syndrome
    6. His short-shorts (some find it sexy...)
    7. His musical taste which is comprised of Animal Collective and whatever i listen to (Beach Boys, Big Star and Panda Bear)
    8. That he failed his L's test TWICE
    9. His homemade porno of a penguin, a vacuum and a cherry pie
    10. His secret love for 12 year old girls "I thought she was 16" *wink*