WACKEN 2007, (english) AWESOME


8. Aug. 2007, 17:54

Wacken 2007!

My first time at Wacken and my first time at any major festival!

Getting there was tricky, once at Lubeck we had to get a taxi which took ages, the damn driver got lost and charged us hell! BUT WE GOT THERE.

Due to mud we were camped all the way in S, with Dutch friends who were great, my friend
postmanofdeath somehow lost his ticket as he slept so we managed to get him a new one!

Bands I saw up close (not including ones i watched from the beer garden on the screen ;)).

Blitzkrieg (They were okay, British, on the same flight home, they were the first band so I was amused, first festival band for me!)
TYR (I tried to see them but the tent was so packed I got forced out and got very fed up)

SuidAkrA (We were waiting for Amorphis next door so saw most of these guys set, I didn't have a chance to get into them on CD but they were cool live, esp when the bagpipes came on stage!)
Napalm Death (Their was a fire in the arena so Amorphis were canceled until after NP so we watched Napalm death who we had seen 2 weeks before at home on a tiny stage, Barney's odd 'spastic' dancing keeps anyone amused as they play, along with the music!).

Amorphis(Finally! Amorphis were great, we were just infront of the camera and monitor tower so weren't near the front but saw them well, awesome! kicked off with Leaves Scar!, sadly no songs from the new album, I don't know if they dropped them because they had shorter time or just werent going to play any).

Grave Digger (Witnessed a bit of Grave Diggers set, towards the end, HEAVY METAL BREAKDOWN! Great song as we laid on the straw resting).

Turbonegro (We were waiting outside the True Metal stage so witnessed them from the screen and a little view, they were amusing but got boring, the frontman said quite a bit of funny shit!)

J.B.O (JBO came on stage all pink with their inflatable letters, a German novelty band, we didn't understand it apart from odd words, everyone laughed so we did too, generally we enjoyed it lots beacuse of the atmosphere and general amusement, first dosage of lots lots lots of crowd surfers here).

Lacuna Coil (Awaiting BG on the True stage we witnessed LC, not bad, I used to be a fan so was glad to hear Heavens a Lie).

Blind Guardian (Hell yeah, we were near the front, the intro came on and then Boom.. Into the storm. Amazing live, we enjoyed most of the set until Welcome To Dying, where we escaped the madness and crushing, where i seem to have lost my glasses, walking out the dense fans while singing Welcome to Dying was pretty cool. We witnessed the rest of the set from distance.. Awesome live!).

Afterwards we made our way back to bed, hearing some of Dimmu Borgir, if we weren't so tired we would have stayed and saw Iced Earth..

Next day!

Sacred Reich (We got to the arena during the last half of their set, they were actually really good American thrash, much better than the bits we heard of Sodom

Moonspell (We watched Moonspell from the front row of the True Stage awaiting Stratovarius, I like their stuff but sadly they didn't play the great first two tracks of The Antidote..)

Stratovarius (AWESOME! Strato came on with Hunting High and low, singing along madly.. They were awesome, they played a new song also.. From what I can remmeber.. (Hunting High and low, Visions, Father time, Distant Skies, Eagleheart, Last day on earth (new song),Paradise, speed of light, Black Diamond)Not in that order!. The new song was great! Like classic Strato! They can't be lying when they say the new album is a 'Return to roots').

DIR EN GREY (Er.. we wanted to check them out, being Japanese n all.. well they looked like a bunch of kids and were amusing on stage, at least the frontman.. But really sounded terrible, not the quality just the music, gah!).

Swallow the Sun (After the madness with TYR we got to the WET stage early to get a place for Turisas, these guys were good.. Doomish, great vocals and guitar.. I enjoyed them.)

Turisas (Wow, this was insane! They were fucking amazing. I got so hot I was topless and dancing with random people, people coated in mud! they did a really good set even though they had a short time! My wacken highlight!)

Type O Negative (We were in the arena for these guys and I didn't really like it, boring.. noise.).

Benedictum (Americans with a frontwoman with an amazing voice, I had their first album promo two years ago before it came out and thought it was awesome! We checked the end of their set out and they really were awesome! Her voice! woo!)

Immortal (We hung around to witness the first of their set, just to see the amusing corpse paint then realised we'd have got bored so far away so set off to see Stormwarrior).

Stormwarrior with Kai Hansen (I like these guys, its good power metal like old Helloween and Running Wild, the best thing was they played Ride the sky by Helloween and Kai ran on stage with a BOOM and they continued to play old Helloween songs, it was AWESOME, singing along, even though I had to sit down lots because of my legs.. Tons of pyro for that gig!)

Then... bed.
To leave the next day.

Conclusion, I'M DEFF GOING NEXT YEAR, it was AWESOME.. and the lineup can only get better i'm sure.


Blind Guardian*****


  • manapsal

    also internet stabs you for hating on my favorite band...

    30. Sep. 2007, 15:29
  • Davie_UCF

    Cmon it was like angst ridden Japanese teenagers.. I didn't see the deal, a lot of people thought they were terrible.. I dunno.. maybe the wrong audience :p

    30. Sep. 2007, 16:14
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