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in my free time i listen to and rate a lot of music:
i am primarily (but not only) interested in black metal, noise rock, free jazz, avant-garde jazz, doom metal, sludge metal, avant-garde, experimental rock, krautrock, post-rock, post-punk, synth punk, minimal synth, dungeon synth, industrial, shoegaze, ambient, minimalism, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, dream pop, no wave, new wave, sadcore, slowcore, drone, noise, musique concrète, spoken word, a capella, vaporwave, witch house and experimental music;
i also use a phone and a tablet, but my plays in last.fm come only from my computer and (unlike those of some people) are completely true and legit - i actually listen to music at almost any time im not communicating with people
(i also want to note that i've had this account since i was 14, so don't judge)


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