Judas Priest, 24th July


28. Jul. 2011, 12:16

Sun 24 Jul – Judas Priest, Queensrÿche, Rival Sons

Haven't written one of these for a while. Mostly because I've been pretty inactive on the old going to gigs front. Although that said, I did see The Sword but couldn't be bothered to review it. However they are definitely worth checking out.

Rival Sons were up first for some classic style 70s rock. I knew nothing about this band, although I had read a review of their new release on Angrymetalguy. What impressed me most was the guitarist. If you imagine what Wolfmother sound like with some slide guitar plus actually sounding good, then this is Rival Sons. A thoroughly entertaining set with a good vocalist too. One criticism though about him: Hold the mic closer to your fucking mouth when you go for those long, high-pitched notes instead of copping out and moving it away from your mouth.

Next up were Queensrÿche. This was an interesting show for me. I had seen this band back in 2008 (??? Or 2007? Whatever.) and was not overly impressed. This gig just confirmed my initial thoughts to me. Not even the die hard fans in front of me, singing every word could convince me that this band is very enjoyable. Musically they are fine, and for a moment I even enjoyed singing the chorus of Jet City Woman. I just get the feeling that you need to be an epic concept album lover to get this band and even then, have to listen to the album in its entirety.

After a brief DJ set which saw everyone sing along to the first verse of War Pigs, it was time for Judas Priest. This was the first time I had seen the Metal Gods and I could not contain my excitement. The opening tracks of Rapid Fire and Metal Gods and Heading Out to the Highway were a great beginning to an excellent set that lasted over two hours. There was a lot of fire, smoke, lasers, costume changes and a motorbike thrown in. It was more than I had expected, having never seen them before. I was a bit sceptical about the idea of not having K.K. Downing on guitar any more but these fears were soon put to bed. We were treated to all the classics like Painkiller and Breaking the Law (not a note sang by Rob Halford) whilst having some gems thrown in. Starbreaker and Turbo Lover being personal favourites of mine.

A thoroughly awesome night. I particularly loved the way that the album covers were projected onto the backdrop, with Rob Halford taking the audiance through a commentary of the albums and a little history. This was Judas Priest's last major world tour and I recommend seeing them soon before they call it a day. I'm seeing them again in just over a week.

The full set list can be found here.


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