Black Label Society, 19th February


20. Feb. 2011, 6:01

Sat 19 Feb – Black Label Society, Godsized

Forenote: it's 5.40am and i'm fairly shit faced whilst writing this. So this will probably be quite a short, shitty review :)

So what a fucking shit hot gig! Black Label Society may have been the headliner but Godsized were there to prove a point. Great band! Awesome bluesy rock band with some deathcore-influenced breakdowns and some epic solos. No idea what songs they played but this band were awesome so check them out. However they had the crowd going from the first song!

Black Label Society came on stage at 9pm and opened with a song from their latest album, Crazy Horse. This was followed by awesome classics such as What's In You, Suicide Messiah, Fire It Up, The Blessed Hellride, Concrete Jungle, the fucking awesome Funeral Bell and other shit hot classics. Zakk paid a great tribute to the late Dimebag Darrell of Pantera fame with the track In This River. A fucking awesome set was closed with Stillborn. A lot of beer was flying, but I was disappointed with the lack of encore. However this was show not to be missed, despite the shitty acoustics that Southampton Guildhall offers. Great show. Sorry i'm too pissed to offer a more comprehensive review. Maybe I'll edit this later. Or maybe I won't. So kindly fuck off :) .

Strength, Determination, Merciless Forever!


  • fenglesnap

    Good review. I was wankered too hahaha! We went really early and met JD and Nick Cantanese, got both of their autographs, JD gave me one of Zakk's picks, I caught one of Nick's and I caught one of those fuck off massive balls!

    23. Feb. 2011, 14:12
  • DarkNog

    Ahaha nice one. I was too far back to get anything like that. The sound is best at the Guildhall by the sound desk. Bit disappointed they didn't have an encore, I could have done with some 'Bleed For Me' and 'Counterfeit God'. But it was a good show :)

    23. Feb. 2011, 14:30
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