Unitopia: News, 28.05.2010


28. Mai. 2010, 16:47

Great news! Unitopia has another project under way!

"Covered Mirror" Vol. 1 is a selection of songs that inspire Unitopia and will include about 15 cover songs done in the unique Unitopia style, and will hopefully be available for people to buy during the tour in October and online by the end of this year.

Here is a tentative track list:
1. Sweet Little Mystery (John Martyn)
2. Everybody's gotta learn Sometime (The Korgies)
3. Carpet Crawlers (Genesis)
4. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (Klaatu)
5. In your Eyes (Joan Armatrading)
6. Protection (Massive Attack)
7. To One in Paradise (The Alan Parsons Project)
8. The Way the Waters are Moving (The Flower Kings)
9. In My World (The Moody Blues)
10. Take a Little Piece of this World (new Unitopia song)
11. End of the Day (Al Stewart)
12. So long (Fischer Z)
13. Owner of a lonely Heart (Yes)
14. God if I saw her now (Anthony Phillips)
15. Fools Overture (Supertramp)
16. Stay (Pink Floyd
17. Rain Song (Led Zeppelin)

This list might change along the way, you never know!
We will keep you posted!

Until next time
Love and peace
Sean, Mark and Matt

Have got this mail from Unitopia today, so far the good news, but concerning the band, bass player Shaun Duncan and drummer Jamie Jones have both had to move on, so Sean, Mark and Matt currently searching for new band members.

Here is a conceptual video from Ken and Geri Long of "Longshot Productions" in Ontario Canada. They present a dark, poignant message and reminder to the world as we ponder past mistakes with a track from Artificial "Gone In A Blink Of An Eye".

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