Eurovision 2009 – Moscow – 1st Semifinal. My opinion and ratings for songs


13. Mai. 2009, 10:20

First of all I should say that my fav song from this ESC is PlazmaNever Ending Story. I’ve voted for it at Russian pre-ESC selection. I think that it was best song from Russian ‘elections’. This song has only one minus: it’s melancholic.
And now about 1st Semifinal.
In the second place I know well Russian and English so I prefer songs with Russian or English lyrics. Just because I understand it;) I prefer ‘elementary English’ which is easy to understand for everybody who doesn’t know English well. And also I need good pronunciation of English words to understand song’s lyrics. Unfortunately I almost never listen enough for me pronunciation of English words. I convinced that artist must sings legibly – it is artist’s work. I consider that it’s very difficult to write song with clear and easy lyrics (not only English but other languages too). I rate songs of ESC after only first listening to it at the contest and I try to understand song’s lyrics only one time. I never translate it mentally. I try to understand original lyrics.
For example Scooch – Flying The Flag (For You) from ESC 2007. I understood this song after my first listening to it in 2007 year. Ha-ha, Scooch is from UK. Do you doubt?;)
And there is another ‘elementary English’ song: Pirates Of The Sea – Wolves Of The Sea from ESC 2008.
So if song hasn’t English lyrics it’s very big minus for it, IMHO.

1. Montenegro Andrea Demirović – Just Get Out Of My Life

English lyrics – it’s well for me. And song is very nice. But bad pronunciation makes it very hard to understand.

2. Czech Republic – Aven Romale

English lyrics – it’s well for me. I like man-singer for it good pronunciation. I like this song because it drives me.

3. Belgium Copycat – Copycat

English lyrics – it’s well for me. I like voice of ‘Elvis’ from Copycat. His voice and song remind me voice and songs of Elvis Presley. I think that ‘Copycat’ was the best song from this Semifinal. Super!

4. Belarus Petr Elfimov – Eyes That Never Lie

English lyrics – it’s well for me. Nice and melancholic song. I like it but bad pronunciation makes it hard to understand.

5. Sweden Malena Ernman – La Voix

I didn’t understand this song at all. I couldn’t make out lyrics. It’s big minus.
I’ve heard that one of pretenders from Sweden was Alcazar – Stay The Night. Wow, my vote is for Alcazar.

6. Armenia Inga & Anush – Jan Jan

There is only one half of song in English. I didn’t understand what this song was about. But I like girls’ costume, it’s very beautiful.

7. Andorra Susanne Georgi – La Teva Decisió (Get A Life)

I didn’t understand half of song too. But ‘Ah, ah, ah…’ sounds very funny for me. I like these words from this song;)

8. Switzerland Lovebugs – The Highest Heights

English lyrics – it’s well for me. But I think that it was the worst pronunciation from this Semifinal. I didn’t understand almost all song. Minus.

9. Turkey Hadise – Düm Tek Tek

English lyrics – it’s well for me. Also this is bad pronunciation for me. But I like that author of song tried to do clear and easy lyrics. I think that it’s nice oriental song.

10. Israel Noa & Mira Awad – There Must Be Another Way

There are not all song in English, bad pronunciation and politics at the song (I didn’t understand what song was about, I’ve read about politics at the song at newspapers. I consider that song shouldn’t talk about any politics. Politics are politics and music is music. I can't stand when people use music, artists, contests etc. as manner of expression their political points of view. People, you could use politics for it!). It’s big minus.

11. Bulgaria Krassimir Avramov – Illusion

English lyrics – it’s well for me, but he has very bad pronunciation. I didn’t understand more than half of song.

12. Iceland Johanna Gudrun Jonsdottir – Is It True?

English lyrics – it’s well for me. Lyrics aren’t clear for me. And I was really surprised when I saw man from Euroband at the back of singer. I like ‘This Is My Life’ (ESC 2008) by Euroband.

13. F.Y.R. Macedonia Next Time – Neshto Shto Ke Ostane

I didn’t understand this song at all because it wasn’t English. Minus.

14. Romania Elena – The Balkan Girls

English lyrics – it’s well for me. But I heard and understood only half of song because of bad pronunciation.

15. Finland Waldo's People – Lose Control

I know this group and I like them. English lyrics – it’s well for me. But I didn’t understand almost all song because of pronunciation.

16. Portugal Flor-de-Lis – Todas As Ruas Do Amor

I didn’t understand this song at all because it wasn’t English. Minus.

17. Malta Chiara – What If We

Oh, I like Chiara Siracusa after her song ‘Angel’ from ESC 2005. I remember that I voted for ‘Angel’. I like her voice. But I think that ‘Angel’ is better than ‘What If We’.

18. Bosnia & Herzegovina Regina – Bistra Voda

I didn’t understand this song at all because it wasn’t English. Minus.

So… I choose Copycat – Copycat from Belgium.
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