Coheed and CambriaThree Evils (Embodied in Love and Shadow) Lieblingslied 56
Coheed and CambriaThe Velourium Camper II: Backend of Forever Lieblingslied 0
ColdplayLife in Technicolor II Lieblingslied 9
Crystal CastlesBlack Panther Lieblingslied 30
EluveitieInis Mona Lieblingslied 10
Fall Out BoyHeadfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet Lieblingslied 98
Fall Out BoyDisloyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lieblingslied 140
Fall Out BoyWhat A Catch, Donnie Lieblingslied 133
Filthy DukesNonsense In The Dark Lieblingslied 0
GlaDOS & Jonathan CoultonStill Alive Lieblingslied 23
Godspeed You! Black EmperorMurray Ostril: "They Don't Sleep Anymore On The Beach" Lieblingslied 0
Iron & WineFlightless Bird, American Mouth Lieblingslied 63
JónsiGrow Till Tall Lieblingslied 22
Kanye WestRunaway Lieblingslied 0
Lymbyc SystymProcessed Spirits Lieblingslied 98
Lymbyc SystymNotations Lieblingslied 65
Lymbyc SystymNarita Lieblingslied 87
Lymbyc SystymShutter Release Lieblingslied 5
MidlakeFortune Lieblingslied 12
MidlakeRulers, Ruling All Things Lieblingslied 16
Minor ThreatSeeing Red Lieblingslied 23
MogwaiMogwai Fear Satan Lieblingslied 46
Pink FloydEclipse Lieblingslied 20
Saxon ShoreIsolated by the Secrets of Your Fellow Men Lieblingslied 12
Saxon ShoreThe Lame Shall Enter First Lieblingslied 14
Sigur RósOlsen Olsen Lieblingslied 63
Sigur RósUntitled 3 Lieblingslied 8
Sigur RósAndvari Lieblingslied 81
Sigur RósSé Lest Lieblingslied 39
Sigur RósHeysátan Lieblingslied 23
Sigur RósFestival Lieblingslied 23
Sigur RósInní mér syngur vitleysingur Lieblingslied 13
Sigur RósVið spilum endalaust Lieblingslied 17
Sigur RósÁra bátur Lieblingslied 80
The AntlersTwo Lieblingslied 69
The DecemberistsThe Hazards of Love 4 (The Drowned) Lieblingslied 57
The Dillinger Escape PlanWidower Lieblingslied 9
The Mars VoltaMeccamputechture Lieblingslied 30
65daysofstaticDance Parties [Distant] Lieblingslied 28