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30. Nov. 2008, 23:06

Festive Fifty voting is over - and the folks at Dandelion Radio are busy finding the tracks and compiling the show - to start playing as soon as we reach Christmas Day (midnight).
Meanwhile - here are the rest of the shows that are already scheduled, including a show from new boy, Matt Jones.

Andrew Morrison:
Andy's final show of 2008 celebrates both the old and the new. There's some classic selections from John Peel's past Festive Fifty polls, including The Boo Radleys, Laura Cantrell, Dave Clarke and Melys. Brand new music comes from Bloc Party, Samuraj Cities, The Race and Decoration (whose latest single is up for grabs in an exciting competition). You'll hear a track from Autons' new album that can be won in a second competition. Along with Teresa's Tasty Tips and Scott's Funky Five Minutes, you'll hear five alternative Christmas songs to get you in the mood for Dandelion Radio's Festive Fifty countdown show, broadcasting from Christmas Day until the end of January!

Jeff Grainger:
Jeff marks his last show of 2008 with a three hour spectacular of this years finest head-turners (well certainly the ones that have turned his head). Top of the shop is Superman Revenge Squad who also provides December's Album of the Month with his debut 'This is my own personal way of dealing with it all'. There's another chance to hear tracks by the likes of Miami Bum Machine ,Shookz & Lady Ann.
First time plays of Dognoize, Kobenhavn Store & guiLe. These little beauties will be joined by old favourites; Calvin Party & Dalmation Rex and the Eigentones. Also the fabulous music website Earth Monkey Productions gets a nod and a wink with two excellent examples of its electroinca brilliance.
Just in case you thought that wasn't enough the show includes two blinding live sessions by Machine Boy & Galleon. The latter will be on the bill along with The Lovely Eggs at Oldham's Dandelion Radio Night 4 at The Castle on the 18th of December. Hope to see you there.
Have a good Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Süsswein’s premier musical education

In between travelling all over Europe to enjoy, educate and scare audiences with her wicked live sets, acclaimed Dutch deejay Marcelle has found the time to record another show for Dandelion in her cosy living room. With 7 weeks old pet hamster 'Süsswein' as her only live listener (this is not irrelevant information as Peel named his Dandelion label after his pet hamster of the same name) she recorded a three hour show which includes a glorious comeback for her favourite hiphop label Wordsound, a great mix cd from DJ/Rupture, another Ex-member collaboration and a new great duet by Robert Wyatt and a German chanteuse.
There is the usual new and brutal dubstep, the weird a cappella song and the superb religious chanting. As always in her radio shows Marcelle connects past and present: she reveals where that sample on the new Drumsound And Bassline Smith 12" comes from and plays the original 7" and she shows the brilliant musical past of the owner of the great German label Monika Enterprise.
Not to mention new records by Bearsuit, Kid 606, Death Sentence: Panda!, Marc Houle and Food For Animals amongst others.
Totally Normal. For Marcelle it is. Comes with 61% vinyl guarantee.

Mark Cunliffe:
It's almost Christmas and I've been on Dandelion for exactly one year now. Like the sediment in a Wilko home brew kit, I think I've just about settled.
On this month's show I play the song that a world record holder danced to in their victory celebrations. There's Caspa wondering where his money's got to. Theivery Coorperation beat up a DAB tuner and King Clarentz drops another radio bomb. Shabba D puts in a pilot for Jackanory and Zound & Ku go jungle all over us. Dungen does a bit of a Jimi Hendrix impression, El Yabo serve us some Cuban Reggaeton and Taz Buckfaster could get life for the skank he's plotting.
Finally, this show's synopsis would be extremely remiss if it didn't shout from the rooftops that Babar Luck is back with the second half of his set from The Vic in Derby.
If this show was a Christmas decoration it would be a giant bauble ..... no tinsel allowed ....

Mark Whitby:
Malory trudged home quickly in the snow. He could already hear the faint chimes of Captain Beefheart shattering the silence and he knew that what was afoot. Another Mark Whitby Dandelion Radio December special.
There's be the Listen To Me, top ten, he thought, shielding himself against the blizzard with a withered hand, featuring Whitby's favourite ten bands who introduced themselves to him during the year. And there were bound to be generous helpings of new(ish) albums by the likes of Marnie Stern, Talkdemonic and Monareta as well as tasty festive slices courtesy of Gentleman Auction House, Lowell Fulson and - he gasped almost to think of it - Jethro Tull.
He cursed into the icy wind. Why the hell couldn't Whitby leave the brandy alone? Jethro Tull, for God's sake!
But then Malory remembered the spiciest piece of plum pudding in there. A veritable selection box of Filthy Little Angels records that Whitby had sent tumbling from Santa's sleigh after aiming a dead-eye shot with his crossbow at Rudolph's nether regions. He laughed to himself. Rachael Neimann's Christmas morning would be ruined, but Whitby was churning them out to the benefit of all of us. There'd be micropenis, he didn't doubt, and Hyperbubble and that new Fantaplastic EP...and, and, and...
In his hurry to sample the goodies on offer, Malory slipped on his arse and fell face-down into the muddy slush. He was drinking the overflowing mush from the drains and he didn't care.

Matt Jones:
New boy Matt Jones steps into the palatial sonic halls of Dandelion Radio for the first time. He brings with him the varied sounds of some of the best new and unsigned music. Join him for journey into the unknown and (legally!) fill up your mp3 player along the way.
He offers up circus freak genius from the incomparable Monkeygrinder, a taste of the gypsy tinged hiphop of Degiheugi and Ghostown and an intro to the breakcore wonder of Kid Hideous. Also on the menu is a tasty smattering of digital dub, sweet, deep and mellow IDM, punk, reggae and dubstep from the likes of Talco, Gente Strana Posse and Echo_TM.
You'd be actually proper daft in the head not to listen now you've read this page. You really, really would. Cos *you might just like it... *

Neil Jenkins:
In his December show, Neil attempts to keep it a Christmas song free zone but doesn't quite manage it.
He does, however, manage to feature the LPs 'Krulle Bol' by This Is the Kit and 'Age Of Solo' by Lettie, as well as the record label Holy Roar Records.
There's also room for a couple of messages to the world from departing US president George W. Bush.
Look out too for some rather stupendous whistling going on.
Despite the relative lack of Christmas songs, mince pies and port are still MANDATORY!

Pete Jackson:
December's show features an absolute feast of festive fun. There's a brand new session from Swedish psych-popsters The Greencoats and a full half-hour of psychedelic flavours from Wooden Shjips, Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, among others.
Elsewhere, there's a festive karaoke special (!) and a cheery Christmas tale from William Burroughs and Kurt Cobain to warm your cockles. Ho ho ho!

Rachael Neiman:
In honour of our very favourite time of year, December's edition of 'The Rachael Neiman Experience' is a joyous festive extravaganza, you're all invited to the Cherryade Towers Christmas party, featuring 2 hours of new Christmas songs collected over the last year.
These include tracks featured on the latest edition of the Very Cherry Christmas compilation, including The Lovely Eggs, Little My, Hotpants Romance, Fever Fever, The Very Most, The Gresham Flyers, Hearts!Attack, The Seven Inches, micropenis, The Fountain and many more.
Elsewhere we have more fresh Yuletide treats from the likes of The School, Asobi Seksu, Hyperbubble, The Priscillas, Lucky Soul, Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire, Holly Golightly, Shrag and many more.
Join us at Cherryade Towers for an audio mince pie and mulled wine to get your Christmas off to a great start!

Another packed 3-hour show, this month's featured LP is the fantastic debut from New York's Crystal Stilts. There's also new tracks from Minisnap; The Lazy Darlings; The Manhattan Love Suicides; Horowitz; Grace Jones; Je Suis Animal; hot silk pockets; The Bright Lights; Luckwell; We Are Burkina Faso; Wonderswan; and Killing Fields of Ontario.
There's Dubstep from Headhunter and Mike Epic, as well as electro from Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso remixed by Popov, techno from Williams, and longterm hero of the show James Holden shows how its done in the latest Radiohead remixed competition.
We include several Canadian bands this month, and discover that in Toronto at least, there seems to be a disturbing trend for bands to cover classics from the Sarah Records stable. Meanwhile back in New York, Headless Heroes cover I Am Kloot.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is an uncharacteristically maudlin track from 1959, by an artist better known as a rock'n'roller.
As well as little known acts, here's this month's little known fact: The world's longest conveyor belt is the Fosbucraa conveyor belt, in the Sahara desert. It transports phosphate from the mines in Bu Craa to the coast near El-Aaiun, and is 100 kilometres long.
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