Danie Ware, 45, Weiblich, Vereinigtes Königreich
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Über mich

Moderation in everything - including moderation.

I'm a fusion of geek and gamer, Mum, writer, editor, retail and digital marketeer, righteous ol' lady, battling babe, bad girl and outbound-bound fitness freak.

I went to an all-boys' school, studied English and Film at Uni, then joined a Viking re-enactment group and spent my twenties fighting, writing and drinking too much beer. At thirty, I grew up and swapped 'warrior maiden' for a sensible job and a mortgage... at forty, I'm determined to be a child again (though the mortgage still needs paying).

I spend my time with my seven-year-old son, as well as running PR and events for cult retailer Forbidden Planet and writing sardonic fantasy novels for the new SF/F profile of Titan Books.

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