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Über mich

20 years of age,

station caller,

a tad insane,


chaotic as héalah. ( notice how i just said Héalah instead of hell, just like the metallica leadsinger. )

also spiritual, yet i have my feet on the ground.
I just like to meditate , helps me relax and such.

.. eeh.. i have a deep romantic tight relationship with my guitar,

like to draw sometimes, or well.. to try,
and i like to read..
also i'm a movie buff..

and i have glasses with which i say "nerd alert' before i put them on.

I love candle light and long walks on the beach...
hm that last part isnt true. i prefer a long walk through the woods.
also i lie, but i come clean very quickly.

.. That's about it. Got any more Questions? Let me know. :)