My Top 10 Producers In Hip-Hop History


28. Jan. 2012, 16:43


I sort off ripped this from Blue_Key, but yeah it had to be done because... yeah.

So yeah, this is my personal top ten favourite hip hop producers in no particular order (apart from whoever comes into my mind first).

1) Easy Mo Bee

Simply my favourite hip hop producer of all time and also the main reason why I hate Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Diddy. I won't explain why, but it's pretty easy to find the reasons on the net.
But yeah, I love the jazzy and bass deep sound he has on his beats; my head just nods to the beat as it starts and I don't think I've found a beat I don't like from him. I don't think describing his beats will do him any justice (but mainly because I'm bad at this stuff) so I'll just link you to a selection of my favourite beats:
1. Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag (Easy Mo Bee Remix), by LL Cool J
2. Take It Back (Instrumental), by the Wu Tang Clan [co-produced by Easy Mo Bee]
3. Everything Remains Raw, by Busta Rhymes
4. Temptations, by 2Pac
5. Gimme the Loot, by The Notourius B.I.G.
BTW, did I ever mention that he worked with Miles Davis?

2) Pete Rock

3) Jimmy Jay

You're probably thinking/saying "wait... who?" And you have every right to say/think so; seeing how sort of unknown this guy is.
1. Nouveau western, by MC Solaar
2. Et Dieu Créa La Femme, by MC Solaar

4) J Dilla

5) Buckwild
1. Put It On, by Big L
2. Born to Live, by O.C.
3. Yo, Black, by Kool Keith
See More/Everything here

6) DJ Premier
1. Kick In The Door (Instrumental), by The Notorious B.I.G.

7) RZA

8) Havoc

9) The Bomb Squad

10) DJ Shadow
Not entirely hip hop in the conventional sense, but he definitely deserves to be mentioned because of "Endtroducing..."


  • Blue_Key

    real nice list my friend. Easy Mo Bee is probably the most slept on producer ever. lol Jimmy Jay. EDUCATE THEM MAN! I've got some MC solaar, never checked in depth who produced his stuff though. DJ Shadow-Entroducing is probably the best instrumental album i've heard in music that isn't Jazz. (J Dilla Donuts is just as good as well). My fave Buckwild Beat is probably Capone N Noreaga TONY. good list, give it an A+, our lists are like half the same.

    21. Feb. 2012, 16:20
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