12. Jul. 2011, 9:54

Why did I wake up so early today? I saw a dream, hope it could get true. IT WAS HOT STUFF! ;D Hail the parents 0/ "WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP ALREADY!?"... YARR Ò.Ó

ps. my radio is on and I HATE MAINSTREAM MUSIC!

There out is very bad weather -_- Sucks...
09:00 - Cloudy +16°C
11:00 - Cloudy and light rain +16°C

We have had so beautiful weather the last days and now so ugly D:
11.7 - Sunny, thunderstorm with light rain +24°C
10.7 - Sunny +26°C
9.7 - Sunny, thunderstorms with heavy rain +27°C
8.7 - Sunny +30,5°C
7.7 - Sunny +27°C

I really need a subwoofer in my car! I got now 200W stereos, and damn so amazing bass in these songs, i recommend if someone need woofermusic for weekends:
D-Devils - 6th gate (Dance with the devil)
Xentrifuge - Evolution
Chrysalide - Noize Guerilla
Alien Vampires - Lesbian Nuns Suck Me Dry (this is brutal stuff, played it high volume in the car and some guys on the road showed me this \,,/ :DDD)
JTB & DJ Chuck-E - If I Do (Mars W & Vandall Remix)
Tronik - Lapse Of Memory (Hard Mix)

Have listened to some "" from 90's in my car just for fun and memories. How horrible it sounds nowadays :D And more worser if you looking at the music videos! You can't be without to laugh, it looks so stupid! XD But there is some music that I still like ;)
Leila K.
French Affair with Sexy
Mr. Oizo

Then I want to say something about my hometown and traveling. I'm so happy to see how much visitors from other countries have been here in ! Thank you :'D Have seen people from , , , , , , , , , , , , , and ! n__n

You're all welcome to visit ;] We have a Housing Fair here 15.7-14.8.2011!

Asuntomessut (FI)
Housing Fair (ENG)
Bostadsmässan (SE)
Suomen Asuntomessut (RUS)

You can come with airplane, car or train. (I don't prefer train, it has always some problems here and it's expensive!) For airline tickets:
Finncomm Airlines (FC)

Check out my photographs of airplanes and old trucks! (Music in the videos are my own):

Download them for free: DJ Zick Finland


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