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GOD FEARING Single 36 yr. old mother of 4 children 2 grown and 2 teenage boys... I have 1 Grand daughter which is my only Grand Child I call her Rising Star. I am Honest, trustworthy, fun, loving, and caring + a sincere individual that loves spending time with family and friends... I am a Gamer for I love playing all kinds of video Games due to make work. I am an Artist I love drawing. I enjoy Singing, acting, dancing, writing music lyrics, working with graphics, reading, going out on different outings which include Church Events and traveling or just start out kickin it gettin it crackin... I don't like to argue nor do I like to fight. I like to meet new respectful friends rather they are men or ladies as long as they know how to be a true friend and honest, trustworthy, not looking for someone who they feel that they can run a scam on for I am not her to give no one nothing so don't ask... The reason I say this is because I had many come on my profile asking me for money and I am a single mother and have my kids to raise I don't need to raise them to so please don't ask and if you do please don't get mad when I say no........ I hope that you will become a friend GOD BLESS You Take care.......


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