• A Sufi Poem by Rumi

    5. Okt. 2011, 17:40

    Shadow and Light Source Both

    How does a part of the world leave the world?
    How does wetness leave water? Dont' try to

    put out fire by throwing on more fire! Don't
    wash a wound with blood. No matter how fast

    you run, your shadow keeps up. Sometimes it's
    in front! Only full overhead sun diminishes

    your shadow. But that shadow has been serving
    you. What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is

    your candle. Your boundaries are your quest.
    I could explain this, but it will break the

    glass cover on your heart, and there's no
    fixing that. You must have shadow and light

    source both. Listen, and lay your head under
    the tree of awe. When from that tree feathers

    and wings sprout on you, be quieter than
    a dove. Don't even open your mouth for even a coo.

    From Soul of Rumi
    by Coleman Barks
  • Aneurysm Absence

    18. Feb. 2010, 15:42

    Monday, February 8th, I had a dental appointment...the easiest way to get there was to take Minneapolis' Light Rail from Franklin to Lake Street and walk from there. After I exited the train and was about to go down the stairs (there are stairs and escalators up), I blacked out and woke up in the hospital an hour later. According to bystanders, I had gone up the escalators (for some reason...which would preclude me going to the dentists) and had a grand mal seizure on it, and went down the up escalator. I have wounds all over my body consistent with someone going down an up escalator, I am just wondering what happened in the meantime.
    When I woke up I was at Hennepin County Medical Center's (HCMC's) ICU (Intensive Care Unit). I had a broken nose in addition to assorted scrapes and bruises.
    The next day I was given a CT (Cat) scan, to find out about my broken nose, as I had broken all the bones in it. The radiologist noted a small (7mm) aneurysm at the bottom of the scan, the back of my brain. It was ready to blow. The radiologist asked for a dye contrast CT, which means they hook tubes into you and secrete an Ultraviolet (UV) dye which shows things better, and voila, my aneurysm, ready to blow.
    The next day, Wednesday, I had a 5 hour long surgery, during which they went into my brain (yes, actual brain surgery) and placed a band or pin around my aneurysm so blood didn't flow into it any longer, then 'popped' it.
    Before the surgery I had to abstain from most everything, mainly coffee and cigarettes were my main concern. The doctor had told me though, prior to surgery, it would be beneficial for me to quit smoking, but that now was probably not a 'good time.'
    I have a scar circling my head which makes it resemble nothing more than a baseball. The sutures (stitches) are still in, and are supposed to come out Tuesday February 23rd. I look decidedly pirate-like with my scar, especially with the contrast of the sutures.
    Fortunately, after surgery, nursing aides were more than happy, as time allowed, to take me down for cigarettes, along with friends who visited that smoked, namely my friend Roman. There are several people whom I wonder why they did not visit...I understand it's not easy visiting someone whom you care about (including in a friendship way) in the hospital, however, the hospital is very lonely.
    I was able to get a few things from home, such as my MP3 player, and the TV at all times went unsparked. I always had a 'private' room (i.e. no roommates), which made things less stressful.
    Monday February 15th I was discharged from the hospital, with slight changes to my anti-seizure medication prescription, though the aneurysm may have been the cause of the seizures in the first place, but better safe (with medications) than sorry, IMHO. I was prescribed Percocet for the pain, which doesn't work well for me...the pain being headaches of varying sorts, as they had to seperate the muscle from the skull as part of surgery. Chewing is not so fun, and I may have some jaw damage that went undiscovered.
    Tuesday February 23rd I have my next couple of Neuro appointments, and pending what the Neurologist says, I can discontinue being cooped up @ my parents' house (with supervision, they said upon release, pending this next appointment, where my sutures are also supposed to get removed, I'm supposed to have an anti-seizure medication blood draw to check levels, and another CT scan...oh joy).
    So that's what's been happening recently, and why I haven't been around...and thanks to everyone wishing me well and praying, especially my dear friend Safia....

    Peace & Good Health to You All,
  • When I get the next anti-Obama email...

    4. Nov. 2009, 22:05

    I don't know what. Haven't thot that far. But I feel I must vent my frustration at these people (mostly relatives), ESPECIALLY ones who (as I did) voted for him, and then send anti-Obama emails (definitely NOT me) around. I'm gonna start blocking email accounts and may need to be told to stand down at some family reunions. I know some are just ***mindless*** forwards, but WTF. Think of who yr forwarding that to. I ain't fixin' to hear that shyte. I didn't get as many anti-Bush (pick your George or combine them ffs!) emails for the Bush regime(s). Combined. And feel free to start hatin' now. I'm fed up with it.
  • Listening

    11. Aug. 2009, 19:49

    If you listen to any song long enough, you will grow from destestation to love.

    Except Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy"
  • Jah Didn't Kill Johnny

    24. Mär. 2009, 20:22

    God Would Never Kill Johnny Cash...
    -Sage Francis
  • Exile

    20. Feb. 2009, 0:25

    So it took a little time, but I was able to sync my WinAmp with the Rolling Stones "Exile on Main Street," one of my favorite albums, with Pussy Galore's "Exile on Main Street". It took me a while, I've had the Rolling Stones version for quite some time, it's in this weird CD holder which is tall and difficult to extract. But as much as I am a fan of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (whether or not it shows on my profile), I had to go to the roots for Pussy Galore.
    I am lucky that Mpls has such awesome record stores, and I'm starting to appreciate my ex-friend's (the only way I could describe it) devouring the used CD sections of primarily used CD stores {koff*cheapo*koff}. And I am close now to Electric Fetus, which is near legendary in the Twin Cities, uh, legendary record stores (???) scene. I usually go indie, which is why I prefer Electric Fetus to Cheapo, and yearn for the loss of Garage d'Or, where I spent so much time and bought so many 7" 's.
    I'm not hooked up currently for a turntable, which is okay in a sense, since a former roommate's friend stole all my 7" 's. I'm still trying to deal with that, trust me on that. That's It For The Other One, as the Grateful Dead would say...
  • Devolution

    29. Jan. 2009, 18:27

    No, I'm not talking about Devo. I'm talking about what's happening to, from being great to adapting all new changes that are screwing up my charts. I'm talking mainly about the tag auto-fix fever. Er, feature.
    As much as I dig MF DOOM, I have all his different projects correctly tagged, as they appear on the CD. Madvillainy, Nastrodoomus, and others, are by themselves. Nastrodoomus' "One Love" would not* be what it is without Nas. (Though to quote Mac Lethal, "I still skip songs on 'Illmatic'"...)
    MF DOOM put the music to my favorite instrumental off Special Herbs vol 0-9, thus I listen to it a lot. Renaming all his side projects to just MF DOOM is...well...all I know is anyway my mp3 player is not an iPod, otherwise everyone would know how much Sage Francis and Mac Lethal I really listen to. might want to work on something for Sansa/SanDisk, which is like the #2 mp3 player company. AFAIK. It's sad enough when I bought my new one last month that everyone had decided to emulate the iPod as much as they could, rather than come up with their own layout.

    I've already pretty much stopped using MySpace, and has been filling that void. I'm tired of going to MySpace, it burned itself out when they picked my old account not for deletion -- but for an inability to post comments. And on, I have something in common with everyone. We all listen to music. Ok, the vast majority do. I'm not going into what I think about the often fickle taste-o-meter. As much as I love hip-hop, there's a lot more music out there I listen to. The Grateful Dead and Nirvanaboth hold high chart positions for me.

    The last thing I wanted to say is that I posted the project me and my friend came out with, dunno if it's ever gonna get pressed to CD. It's been done a while. But if you want to check out , let me know what you think. If I configured everything right and you can actually listen to it. (Sorry, I'm becoming more jaded as I blog). Biography is upcoming, I wanted to collab with EZRA (Extremely Zealous Rhyme Advocate) on it. The basics are we met in the old Vibin' Spoken Word collective (If any Minnesotans remember "Soul City," that was our main venue, our second main being the Borders on Block E. And remember, the E stands for Evil.)

    Alright, I'm going to have to wrap this up now. I am* getting more jaded as I type...too much...catharsis???

  • Event Photos & Event Attendees

    11. Nov. 2007, 21:00

    I try and take pics at the events I go to...if an event is in my event list, chances are I'll get some pics. I don't own a digital camera and have an...I guess 'analog' (lol) camera which I don't want bringing to events, much less processing the photos for (which I don't do). (My analog camera takes 123 Lithium batteries, it's that kind of camera LOL. I'm lucky enough when First Ave lets me in with three lighters, if you know what I mean. Took around 10 minutes or more to get in that last Atmosphere concert...lmao!)

    It seems no one much checks out the even pics ex post facto...? I know I'm not worthy of an award or anything, but I try and do what I can do; my cell phone doesn't have a zoom on its camera feature yet has a full, tiny keyboard (The LG enV).

    But outside of that, I wouldn't mind meeting up with folks going to the same shows, such as the Hip Hop Live! tonight (November 11, 2007 lmao) with Rakim, Ghostface Killah, and Brother Ali performing.

    I'm pretty sure everyone on here loves music, and it would just be great to meet in R/L, and going to the same show would be a great place to do it...

  • Hm. Do I need a new Journal/Blog?

    2. Jul. 2007, 0:25

    Well, as if I need a new outlet to journal/blog, here it is at last LMAO.
    Went to see Semi-Official (I Self Devine + DJ Abilities) on Friday, with M.anifest and Kanser opening. Didn't have enough $$$ to buy the two Kanser CD's I'm lacking, because of my massive over-tipping.
    It was a great show, but there were few few people. I'm still wondering why. Had I found out earlier would have hit the Brainchild Project's CD release Saturday the next day instead, saw Leroy Smokes again...they advertise their stuff like the day before, so how can they expect ppl to show up? But dang, would have for sure* have shown up had I known EARLIER.
    Any of the band could have told me at Maria Isa's CD release party. How did I know about that? Advertising.

    Been listening to lots of Sage Francis (ok, just "Can I Kick It"...LMAO!) gettin' ready for the show on Thursday at First Ave.
    Last one I saw was Brother Ali, it's pretty sad how long in advance I'm buying tickets now. I mebbe should start a long career of grizzled scalping. Had I bought 1 extra ticket for Atmosphere, I would of been still passed out off all the liquor it bought. Or the Wu-Tang Clan when they came in, OMFG...the line. Should start a piggy bank for these things (note to self).

    Ok, now I sound like a total alcoholic, and yet I'm only in training. I don't drink enough perhaps, and that is one of the signs. It's like ya either do or don't, and for most venues I do (and just order beer, since they have messed up ways of making drinks that seem to be stronger [taste-wise, not alcohol-wise] than Powerade on its best day).

    Started to get back into Stumbling...StumbleUpon. I LMAO when I d/l'ed the toolbar for Internet Explorer. It's lacking like 10 buttons. Which reminds me MySpace is becoming less and less Mozilla friendly, Firefox can just not do post. Well, last week, at least. Mebbe this week it'll be different. I think they're becoming cognizant of the fact Firefox hides all the ads, as if I'd order something because I saw it off MySpace. WTF.

    Alright, this is as fun as it gets the first time ;-)