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Ace of BaseYoung and Proud Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 21:20
Tenacious DLee Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 21:18
Ted GärdestadJag vill ha en egen måne Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 21:16
RhapsodyHoly Thunderforce 13. Mai., 21:11
Duran DuranRio Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 21:06
The CrüxshadowsEurydice 13. Mai., 21:01
Paula AbdulOpposites Attract 13. Mai., 20:57
Bon JoviYou Give Love a Bad Name Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 20:53
MuseNew Born Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 20:49
CarolaTommy tycker om mig Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 20:45
KentKärleken väntar Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 20:41
Rob 'n' RazRok The Nation Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 20:38
The SoundsBeatbox Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 20:34
Judas PriestNight Crawler Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 20:29
Take ThatRule the World 13. Mai., 20:24
Marie FredrikssonSparvöga 13. Mai., 20:19
Twisted SisterUnder The Blade 13. Mai., 20:15
BlondieCall Me Lieblingslied 13. Mai., 20:11
Peter CeteraLivin' in the Limelight 13. Mai., 20:08
RhapsodyThe Dark Tower of Abyss 13. Mai., 20:02
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Welcome, fellow music lovers, to my humble profile page. I hope you enjoy your stay.

I enjoy most music, regardless of genre. I feel life is too short for one to be snobbish about what one listens to.
Indeed I have some styles of music which shaped my youth and as such you will find a great deal of metal and punk in my library.

However, I'm equally fond of classical music, eurovison and just plain old pop.

Apart from music I enjoy playing the gentleman's sport that is tennis.

My other goal in life is to fight what I consider to be the greatest threat to civilised society - religion.

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