31. Jul. 2008, 11:19

genCAB - Let It Be
Lost Signal - Quicksand Effect
Electro Lyth - Agony vs. Pain [Agoraphobia Remix by Black Selket]
Anxiety Disorder - Schyzophrenic Love
Salusa Secundus - Rejection
Souless Affection - Never Again
Church of Machinery - Feeble Race (Hateful Mix to Shadeweaver)
Conkreto System - El Momento (Remix)
NVMPH - Blind
syntax::orion - Something (Raw Mix)
Uterus Insected - Destination Total Chaos (Demo-Version)
[brain_patology] - Nothing And Never
Kaiaphas - Vile Vermin
prot0type - Belong
Vater Nicht - Adrenochrome
Renfield's Syndrome - Lack
Hexen Prozess - To Feel The Rain Again (Cleaner Vox)
Atrocita - Electrnoc Saviour (Synthetic)
Framework - Reflections
Grammostola actaeon - Clausura
Engel Plage - Where Have You Been
Beati Mortui - Cut
Vicious Alliance - Where Soldiers Fall
Permission Denied - Your Memories
Hanse Alliance 1230 feat. CHROM - Illegality
Azrael Trigger - Undermind
Cult Of Cadavers - Apostles Eat Their Young
Electric Breathing - Fuck You
Ex-Tract - Protocol Reality
Hex Rx - flEsh
Kode In Mind - Q.E.P.D.
Mind Altering Substance - iLLFed Chaos
Crisis Mode - Virus
Kriminal Minds - Weekness
Control Alt Deus - Not My Saviour
Hystakmine - I Am The Reaper
Aetherfx - Cold Lights / Azure Nights (Demo-Version)
Dot Execute - Trinity
Fatal Rupture - Desperate Hour
Rezumaki - Impulse (Cries Of The Damned Remix by Cynical Mess)
Dios Mio - Bleed 4_The Germining Seed [Disfuncion Organica RMX]
Derma-Tek - Less Important
Auspex - Calling To Death
enfermo mental - Empty People
t[:error:]gazm projeCt - Just Blood On My Hands
R010R - Brain Death
Filament38 - Interface
VexXxeR- Time To Die
Akzeptierte Übermittlungen
German Dark-Electro, Non-mainstream dark-electro


  • chatterer

    klasse setlist =)

    2. Aug. 2008, 8:12
  • genDAV

    thanks for the spin ;)

    2. Aug. 2008, 19:25
  • avitheavithe

    Wow, my TTR crew got lots of plays! Crisis Mode, AetherFX, Vater Nicht, Rezumaki. Fucking great! Thanks AGAIN for the promotion!

    4. Aug. 2008, 0:55
  • VaterNicht

    Hey I just noticed you played Adrenachrome! Thanks DJAzrael!

    30. Aug. 2008, 18:50
  • preytotherazor

    keep in contact, i may have some interesting promotional stuff for you to play =p

    9. Sep. 2008, 6:52
  • DJ_Tyrant

    I never thanked you for spinning Where Soldiers Fall. Thank you so much Oliver!

    14. Nov. 2008, 1:23
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