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My hobby number one, music! Can't live without it. I love to listen & to make music myself. I play keyboard in a local coverband called LOL which basically means FUN in Dutch ( I know, LOL means also Laugh Out Loud on the net, but this pure coincidence). If your are interested in the sound of this fun amateur band, you could visit our website Links on the site will bring you to some YouTube stuff. This link brings you to a recent concert in 2010

To finance my music passion a man needs a job too (unfortunately my music doesn't pay enough), so you can hire me as an interim marketing & communication professional. What more can I tell……oh yeah, not to forget off course, I’m married, already over 20 years and with the same woman (yes I’m a happy old fashioned guy) and blessed, as the say, with two kids,a daughter of 20 and a son of 17.

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