29. Nov. 2009, 22:49

Redman is back with the new leak off his upcoming album "9 1/2", the banging "Coc Bak." Featuring stomping, percussion heavy production from ThreeSixty, an ill guest verse from Ready Roc and Red's usual assortment of dope, dirtier-than-thou lyrics, "Coc Bak" has be adequately pumped for the album drop (scheduled for December, just in time for Grandma's Christmas present).

By the way, if they had spelled it "Cock Back" the track would have had a completely different meaning. Maybe we can save that one for Reggie Nobel's R&B album.

As anyone who’s ever seen How High or his classic Cribs episode can attest, Redman is one of the grimiest and most entertaining human beings alive; so it’s not even remotely surprising that he’s also one of the grimiest and most entertaining rappers alive. Case in point: Red’s new track Coc Back, an absolute banger that’s the first single off his new album. Coc Back is everything we could possibly want from a Red cut: intensely kinetic and heavily percussive production from ThreeSixty, a damn good guest verse from Ready Roc and, of course, hilariously high lines from Red like: “Blunts got my mind right, 16 bars bout the size of a Klondike.” Ok, so the man’s not working to end world hunger, but I defy you to name a more consistently entertaining emcee. His confusingly titled new album Reggie Noble “0” 9 ½ is due out in December. Until then, keep it locked to for all the latest.

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  • -sin


    30. Nov. 2009, 15:07
  • charlie1207

    What's that to do with female voices?!

    30. Nov. 2009, 17:00
  • Puenta

    no no its not for me ;D

    5. Feb. 2010, 21:34
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