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28. Jun. 2009, 6:30

Aly & AJ
Aly & AJ

Into your life, your dreams, Out of the dark, sunlight again/You can't believe it's happening now/Don't let nobody tell you, "your life is over", Be every color that you are/You don't have to know it all before you'll try/All the colors start to blend,Your system overloads again
Out of the Blue
When something's true how can peope just say we're not meant to be and keep me away from you, Don't you have the guts to say how you feel about me?/You said we couldn't be together,They shut the door
Protecting Me
You know when my heart's been bent, you tell me everything's okay, and you'll never let me go PROTECTING ME
No One
Your life plays out on the shadows of the wall, you turn the light on to erase it all; you wonder what it's like to not feel worthless, so open all the blinds and all the curtains/Don't wanna be NO ONE but me
Slow Down
You're headin' straight for love, I wanna little space, a little less attention/I need a little time for air, If you just let me breathe maybe I'll stick around, Not goin' anywhere If you SLOW DOWN
On the Ride
The journey is perfect, the place is so crazy, the race is so worth it, I will be with you/The feeling's so clear and it's crazy up here, life is amazing with you ON THE RIDE
Like It or Leave It
He looked at her like it would last forever, Said to her that he'd do whatever it took to be her love above all what he wanted most, Then you whispered in my ear: Together we're one in a million, Don't be afraid, don't say It can't play out the way that we want, It's gonna be brilliant
If I Could Have You Back
Thanks for all the lessons learned, I'm takin' in what I have heard: Practice makes perfect/IF I COULD HAVE YOU BACK again, I'd think about it once or twice, maybe I'd say yes/ it would be better to have a life without the constant indecision
Division (÷)
You chose to surrender the best thing that's happened to you, running away from your fear was the best you could do, You're gonna miss me bad/No more tryin' again, comin' back, forgivin' you, no more thinkin' that somehow the sum will be different by using DIVISION
Once again I am left out of breath/Go ahead and say it, even though you know It makes me uncomfortable/You know what our boundaries are/Please, make me BLUSH
Potential Breakup Song
I played along, rolled right off my back but obviously my armor was cracked, minus you I'm better off/This is the POTENTIAL BREAKUP SONG, our album needs just one/This is the potential makeup song, please just admit you're wrong
We're more hurt than we appear, the world will never know we both have tasted tears, my dear/ I can forgive it, I can't forget it, you've left me here with all these scars/Just please don't FLATTER yourself
I'll bet those years you won't be here, I'll bet those tears over time could disappear, I have more to say and I care if you're listening to me/Come over and say nothing, SILENCE is everything
I'm the type of girl worth pursuing but I won't be caught standing still, take your best shot I bet you'll miss, maybe try a 'lil kiss/you affect me like an arrow penetrating my heart, so obviously you're pretty smart/You didn't ask me for my number. Wait, you didn't ask me for my number?, I like the fact that you didn't ask that, 'cuz you already got my number huh?, I'm not an easy target
Like Whoa
Life is good I can't complain, I mean I could but no one's listening/I'm rollin' my window down, I love the wind but I hate the sound/I'm running out of oxygen and it feels good/My inhibitions are beginning to let go, I can't help but lose control, you're an affliction that I cannot seem to break and It feels LIKE WHOA
I'm Here
For you my heart will give it's trust, I don't ask much of you just need your love/You could be something that's more than expected, why let this go all the way down from here, I'm here
Yesterday I spotted you hangin' out with someone new, come on dude I can't believe who, Did it hurt? oh yes it hurt but not as much as I thought it would, guess it's time for me to move on

I finally took your pictures down and all that other stuff I found hidden somewhere in my closet, I used to wear your shirt to bed but now it's in the trash instead, I don't wanna be reminded

I saw you today taken my breath away but then you opened your mouth without thinking and then I recalled why I ended it all and it makes me feel good about leaving

I'm getting closer to CLOSURE, everyday's closer to CLOSURE

ǝɹnsoןɔ oʇ ɹǝsoןɔ 'ɹǝsoןɔ 'ǝɹnsoןɔ oʇ ɹǝsoןɔ ɥo


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