Denis, 28, Männlich, Israel
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NetskyRunning Low (feat. Beth Ditto) Gestern um 15:13
HyroglificsTerra Gestern um 15:04
Roni SizeBig Bashy Gestern um 14:54
LogisticsHomeward Bound 29. Aug., 10:37
LogisticsPolyphony (feat. Sonic) 29. Aug., 10:25
LogisticsForevergreen (feat. Will Robert) 29. Aug., 10:22
LogisticsTriangles 29. Aug., 10:17
LogisticsAs Sure as Sunrise (Feat. Hugh Ha 29. Aug., 10:13
ActraiserRoad to Enlightenment 29. Aug., 10:08
ActraiserGet It On 29. Aug., 10:04
ActraiserInner Beauty 29. Aug., 9:59
Changing Faces, MalakyHardest Thing 29. Aug., 9:51
MakotoBubbles 22. Aug., 17:05
Frank OceanNovacane 19. Aug., 15:01
Frank OceanStrawberry Swing 19. Aug., 14:58
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Über mich

My name is Denis [a.k.a. D-Soul ,Drum&Bass DJ from Plug-IN crew] , i'm from Israel.

In 2002 I met the underground Drum&Bass / Break-Beat scene. Starting from raving and listening lots of tracks and sets I just felt in love with D'N'B and it became an integral part of my life!

After finishing IDF service, me and my mate S.T.A.M seriously began to move forward DNB scene in Jerusalem and Haifa. At that time, Plug-IN crew was created.
Nowadays, Plug-IN crew perform all over the country ,cooperating with variety of crews, lines and DJs at the underground BASS scene not only in Israel, but also the world.
In Drum and Bass, I love absolutely everything. Starting from minimal/atmospheric/intelligent ,to the liquid-funk, and of course I love the real meat grinder as well.
You are welcome to checkout my clouds with free mixes inside -->

Currently I'm finishing my B.Sc degree on Computer Science at Haifa University.

for booking contact us at: plugincrew@gmail.com


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