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Über mich

Grasping for...

This music box
Beyond repair
Tendrils of..
Missing metal
Missing notes



i miss you.
i miss us.
i miss this.
so many things
in my head
left unsaid.
i dont know
which way is up.
this cant
go on
i just want
like it was.
come back.



I knocked on your door,
and sat waiting.
For years.
But you never let me in.
The time has passed, and I've gone.
But you're still there.
Waiting on the perfect one to come along.
As you beckon for me to come back,
I whisper,
"It's too late love, I've gone elsewhere,
and now I knock on someone else's door,
where I don't have to sit waiting."

10,000th track: Common - A Song For Assata

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