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Cruise [Ctrl] is an electronica duo based in Belgium. After two EP's and some contributions to compilations, two albums are published by Divine Comedy Records: I HEARD IT! (2008) and HOW'S ANNIE? (2010). Until 2009, the duo recorded more drone-atmospheric tunes, the TWO.LONE.SNOWMEN.SESSIONS.

The third album, ...ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM is published in September 2012 by the US label Signifier. It includes 8 original electronica / indus / drone-ambient tracks and two original collaborations with Sigma (Komplex) and the indus veteran Dirk Ivens (Dive, Sonar, Klinik, Absolute body control...).



Darkness and beats may show some reminiscences from the 80's... but this music comes straight from the 2000's ! Just feel the experience of these electro-industrial landscapes !


Contact me for more info!!

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