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8. Jan. 2006, 17:29

These are some of the best albums to have come out in 2005 if you ask me:
1-Deadwing -simply birliant. If you ask me, this is PTs masterpiece, instead of In Absentia...
2-Dream Theater-Octavarium -simple straight-forward metal, no 15 minute solos with nothing melodic in them...
3.The Mars Volta-Frances The Mute -I like the combination between classic metal, latino music elements, and more experimental, progressive elements.
4.Phoenix-Baba Novak-Romanian rock. Not sure how many have heard of them, but I tell you, they're pretty awesome
5.System of a Down-Mesmerize- Hard, yet melodic.
6.Coldplay-X&Y -Heartfelt, cool alternative rock. Really really good for a quiet evening or afternoon
7-Rammstein-Rosenrot - Ok, I guess. Not as good as the last Rammstein albums...

The greates dissapointment for me was Bruce Dickinson- Tyranny of souls. The last album he released was The Chemmical Wedding in 1998, and that one was a masterpiece, so I hoped this would be a continuation of that masterpiece... Boy, was I wrong...


  • TeenageCreep

    dap , Deadwing e, in opinia mea, cel mai bun album Porcupine Tree, dupa Stupid Dream ;) Coldplay.. hmm.. se vede clar ca au evoluat din punct de vedere al sound-ului, adoptand sintetizatoare & adevarul e ca suna foarte, foarte bine. ;)

    24. Jun. 2006, 14:07
  • cherrypick

    De-acord cu TeenageCreep in privinta celor de la PT :P Stupid Dream le ia pe toate

    29. Nov. 2006, 19:52
  • anque90

    da de ce ti se pare asa naspa tyranny of souls 8-| ?

    29. Nov. 2008, 13:34
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