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7. Jan. 2012, 18:23

By: Atttila

We bring to our readers interview with band SPELLBOUND DAZZLE although with certain delay contrary to our former intention. Enjoy the interview about their critically acclaimed debut album, "Unreal FairyTales“, and much more.

(Česká verze zde)

Greetings to SPELLBOUND DAZZLE. To be honest from the beginning, there aren´t many musical enthusiasts in Czech Republic who would have heard about your band however I hope, that the situation will change for better following our recent review of your debut album. Personally, I must bow down to your album „Unreal FairyTales“ and express great amount of respect to the courage you´ve shown on this album.How would you describe your musical style and direction you´re heading?

Hi, well at all it's a little bit weird, but not for us. I mean everyone who tried to analyze our music had some difficulties. Let's say it's a modern “hard rock“ but at the same time with some classic riffs and a lot of different styles in it. We're four members and each one of us has different musical influences, but we put them all together and create this way SPELLBOUND DAZZLE songs. Obviously me and my brother love to fill our songs with balcanic roots and develope this style for making new balkan songs, because our audience seems to appreciate it. They always have a lot of fun while we’re playing songs like “Ruska“. We're not following any direction, just make the music we love to play and music we're inspired of.

How did you come to the name of the band – SPELLBOUND DAZZLE?

Ok, I'll tell you the story, but you don't have to laugh till you finish reading the sentence. Ok? We've tried hundred of different names, but no one seemed to be interested in us. Then my brother just took a dictionary, opened it and pointed his finger on the last word of the page with closed eyes and said: "this will be the name of the band". When he looked at it he saw "Spellbound". Then he told us about it and we liked it. Lately it became SPELLBOUND DAZZLE.

Personally, I must admit, that I am amazed since the first time I´ve heard your debut album. How such mix of genres comes to life? What does inspire you?

In your first question I said "weird" and I think that some weird and different things capture our attention and maybe this is what gives us the most inspiration. We aimed at making something different, listenable and exciting at the same time. I'm talking about the whole album. You may notice that each song is totally different from the others and this is the first step of making it less boring for any listener. And if it's a pleasant listening too, than we get what we wanted … a good album.

Do you think that you could mention one band that was or still is most influential on your music?

I've always listened to any kinds of music, but my first favourite band ever were The Beatles, then Elvis Presley and Tom Jones, but also some balcanic music like Lepa Brena or Goran Bregovic. And when I was 15-16 years old I started hearing Slipknot and some other harder music-albums that I’ve stolen my brother who loves Queen, Metallica and Pantera. Our drummer Stefano loves Dream Theatre and Dante loves bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cky and Skrillex. You just try to put all these artists together and "Unreal FairyTales" comes out. It's pretty simple isn't it? I’m just kidding, to be honest I rather don't know how these songs came out, I only know that I like it.

Does the „Unreal FairyTales“ reflect the real former vision of the band? In other words, does it sound the way you wanted it to sound?

Absolutely yes!! Obviously there are a lot of little things now that we could change here and there in every song. That didn't came in our minds while recording, but it will always be like this. I mean that every song of the album is inspired by the specific period it was written in. We'll keep holding our experience that "Unreal FairyTales" gave us for the next album.

How was this diverse material accepted worldwide?

Very well! We had a lot of positive reviews, or should I say excellent reviews, because most of them were high-scored reviews like yours. So I think that this album and this music is appreciated at least by the criticians. I hope for the fans it is the same.

Could you tell us anything about the very well-done cover? Does it express anything concrete or is it all on one´s imagination?

I think it's both. It came out of imagination, but it's also representing a weird mental match between heaven and hell, evil and good or whatever it is. It's been a long match that still runs and that's why the chess looks like a river that goes into a waterfall (or chessfall in this case). It's a match that will end soon and there can be only one winner. Than I have to tell you something about the spider, too. Maybe it's a bit personal but to me spiders represent fear and I know so much people that are afraid of spiders, too. In this case it is a pawn, so It's like if I try to control my fear and play with it.

If you should choose one song from the album, which would be the most representative, which one would it be?

It's not easy, because I like them all. But one song, where it’s easy to dance to and to sing along, is "Ruska". It's a folk rock song that people like, so probably it would be this one. But I can't say if it's the most representative song, because of our multiethnical sound.

What are you working on these days? Is there any new material coming up shortly?

We have a lot of new material, where we still have to continue our work. Right now in this period we're working on 15 new songs for the next album. So I can tell you there will be a new album production next year.

What about your experiences with live playing? I mean how often you play and how is the interest from the fans.

Playing live shows is one of the most exciting things in the music business, but it’s hard to find good locations for upcoming bands like us. There are thousands of bands that want to play live. Another thing that makes it more complicated are the pubs and the booking agents. They only want bands that guarantee a sold-out concert. So it's an endless circle. But we are still working on getting a tour running soon!

Do you think that your music is more club or festival based?

I think it's ok for both. It's the kind of music that rocks huge crowds or even only three people. We have fast riffs, slow ballads and metal riffs. Something for everyone ... ha ha ha

Is there any chance that even fans in Czech Republic will have the possibility to see you live anywhere around?

"Nothing is impossible"! I hope it will happen very soon. We would be proud to play there and visit your country. Furthermore no one could say he doesn't like nice girls and good beer, and we know Czech Republic implies these things, so you know that you're one of the first on the list. And my grandfather was from Czech Republic too.

What do you think about nowadays rock and metal? What is their situation, what´s good and bad for them?

I have two points of view about this: I think everything became more superficial nowadays. Yes, there are still some good bands, but there a only a few amazing ones. Rock and metal are always alive and they're getting modern. A lot of bands have the problem to invent some really good unknown melodies. In my opinion they only published their music to say "hey, we made an album too, we're cool…". Also the media concentrate only on commercial music and many young music fans don't even know some good bands. This makes it more complicate to hear music like ours on the radio, especially on bigger radio and TV broadcast stations, except for some really famous bands.

What do you think is the direction that rock and metal will take in the future?

I really don't know. I can only say that the music became harder in contrast to the time, when metal was born. Personally I don’t prefer these bands so that I’m bored after two songs or even earlier. They always continue with their fast drumming and heavy guitar riffs. This seems to be the balance point of their music, but people and fans, who are not musicians and don't appreciate musicians technical qualities, only care about the image and behaviour of a band. I mean the way a band moves, the way they dress and so on. This is only my musical taste and point of view. I think that music, which stands somewhere between the hard and the soft sound, should be the right way.

My last question. Do you know any current Czech band or performer?

Kern, Turbo, Skwor and some harder bands which names I can't remember right now.

Thank you for your time. I wish you many success in the future.

Thank you too and a great salute to all your readers and fans and hope to see you soon.
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