30. Mär. 2006, 13:50

Twinkle, the far stars away
What is kept in there?
She told me that stars are
Where memories rest

Memories shelled into
Brilliant light,
Creation of the heart

So wonder, the stars
What memories are there?
He told me so many stories
All not from this world
Yet came from this world
Nostalgia of present stories

Leaning on sandy white
How they sing the story
The winds, the waves
Till they became the story
Her voice, ever so beautiful

Take my trust from me,
Cross the barriers,
Wing my imagination
Dearly beloved stars

How I ever love you so,
Written stories became plays
Plays by actors and actresses
Find them in life's actors

If the sky is the canvas
For the memories nostalgia
What's the colour of canvas
For the present reminscenes?
Is it still white?

Stars shine as constellations
Rivers flow to be oceans
People leave their mark in others
So softly but yet so indelible
We stain each other brillant colours

Take my trust, cross the barriers
You are the artist, paint my soul
Draw me the faces of my heart
Let me feel emotions of mazes

So that all these would one day
Join our loved ones, people in lives
In the night skies so high above
Swimming in the ocean of stars

Written when listening to Dearly Beloved

Need a muse, please send applications


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