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Über mich

Metal-related people who should be shot:

- Absurd.
- Derek Roddy, Tony Laureano, [insert wankerous "technical" death metal drummer here] and that bunch.
- Neo-Drudkh fans.
- Woods of Ypres.
- Solitude Productions and Self Mutilation Services' whole staff.
- "Humans are fucking worthless scum, life is shit... and those NSBM fans are fucking racist retards!!!"-type guys.
- Ihsahn.
- Fintroll, Korpiklaani and a good percentage of their drunken followers.
- ...

I'd also like to give a little advice to all Americanerds visiting this page: Please, if any of my comments has proved too much for your delicate young mind(s), don't unburden yourself by flooding my user page with your babbling (or by blocking me). Face the results of your (idiotic) actions and don't confirm your (already evident) mongolism. Shall you?


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