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Über mich

Cowgirlsassy is a very happy person for the most part and pretty laid back. Just refuse to grow up even though physically I am aging. LOL Just take things as they come. I live for each day and look for something I can be grateful for in the present moment. I work at letting go of negativity, pain, anger and resentment. Learn from my past and my mistakes and leave it as that.
I love all people. even the ones that wrong me. Although, If treated with disrespect, meaness and a sour puss attitude in general, then I will care from a distance. Do not want drama in my life. No drama is my motto, although that isn't usually the case,lol.
Been told I am comforting, easy to get along with, (until pushed beyond my limits, then watch out!), a good listener and funny when I wanna be.
Very much into spiritualism, love and peace. Stay positive and run from negativity, live for each moment, leave past in past and future to a higher power. No drama is my motto!
Music is a huge part of my life and fits so many parts of it. I like a lot of different Genre types but my favorites include Rock, Pop, Country, Funk, Blues, and Soul. Along with Spiritual, Religious and others, depending on my mood. Love to sing along. Secretly wanted to be in a music group as a lead snger all my life, lmao. Instead I am a spouse, a Mom, a Mimi, a dog/cat owner, and deal with major illnesses that keep me from alot of things I used to enjoy. Music fills that gap a bit.
Hope you enjoy my page and ty for reading! Stop back often., you are welcome here!


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