• Jerk, but Genius: five brilliant jerks in the history of Rock N Roll.

    23. Jul. 2008, 21:08

    Unfortunately, musicians aren't always kind people. Below you'll find a list of the people I consider to be the biggest "jerks" in the history of Rock N Roll, and with Rock N Roll I actually mean my own taste in music ;)

    Feel free to comment : )

    5. Morrissey– Going down in musical history.
    Witty. Charming. a Rubber Ring. Intelligent. Wonderful, Roaring and Gay! There are plenty of terms one can use to describe the Man who put the M in Manchester, the former leadsinger of The Smiths. On the other hand, there isn’t much people can say about the jerk that is Steven Patrick . Oh, except that he’s maybe racist (now there’s a discussion that never gets old, isn’t there?), his former band mates refuse to speak to him and that he once said that, if provided only one bullet, he’d line up Robert and Mark E. “so that one bullet penetrated both simultaneously.” Also, according to Patrick Krief (The Dears) Morrissey doesn’t want people to directly look at him. If that’s true, his attitude’s gotten bigger than the size of his hair in the eighties, and that’s saying something. Well, I Wonder: has the fame gone straight to Mozzer’s head, or is he just sick and cruel instead?

    Genius: *****
    Jerk: ***

    4. Lou Reed – You're right and Lou's wrong.
    A legend for legends. The Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, David Bowie and The Stooges cite the Velvet Underground as an influence. But Lou’s work appeals to everyone: even 12 year old girls who bought the Warhol Banana T-shirt after lyke, oh my god, seeing Mary-Kate has lyke that tshirt, know who the man is! (It should be noted though that most of them think his name is Nico.) Laurie has put up with him for many years, yet there are many sources that say that he’s a horrible, horrible man.

    Genius: ****
    Jerk: ***

    3. Liam and Noel Gallagher – Spreading the word all around the world.
    Once upon a time, when princes lived in faraway kingdoms, princesses slept on peas and Oasis were a beginning band, the Gallagher brothers were just as cocky as they were after selling millions of albums. It got juicier after their success though, we heard them bashing The Rolling Stones, Blur, U2, Blur, Americans, Blur, God, Blur, The Backstreet Boys and Blur amongst others. Noel, known for his arrogance, bragged about how he wrote ‘Supersonic’ in 4 minutes and 44 seconds, which obviously proves that he’s a.. well, whichever you prefer, really!

    Genius: ***
    Jerk: ***

    2. Johnny Borrell- knows who he is and he knows what he’s not.
    There were numerous people who thought that Johnny Borrell from Razorlight was an obnoxious twat, which is why I feel h deserves the second place. Why is he such a git, you ask? Well, I reckon it’s safe to say that half of all the Johnny haters are Kooks-fangirls who got a wee bit ticked off when Johnny compared the Kooks to fucking Avril Lavigne. The other 50 % just laugh at Johnny, the self-proclaimed songwriter of our generation who wrote the classic “I got the movie script, but I dunno what it meant.” In your face, Mr. Tambourine Man! Funnily enough, The number of people who think Johnny Borrell is a sheer musical genius, however, is limited to.. Johnny Borrell. There’s still hope Johnny, be good and control your ego. It will probably make you seem less of an arsehat.

    Genius: *
    Jerk: ***

    1. Bono- still hasn't found what he's looking for.
    This “Bono sucks” thing is getting fairly boring, but good heavens, the “Bono is God” statements are possibly even lamer. Oh absolutely, I admit the man is trying to help people, whether it be for the wrong reasons or not, whether he’s a hypocrite or not, at least he’s trying to change someone’s life for the better, which is more than most people can say, really. And even though U2 isn’t really my cup o’ tea, they do have a few decent songs, but let’s stop pretending that Bono is the new messiah, or a musical pope for that matter, shall we?

    So now I'm absolutely fed up with Bono. Why, why, why, I ask you, WHY does Bono speak about Joe Strummer / The Clash in a way that always makes me want to go and buy a cat just so I can strangle it?
    From “The Future is Unwritten”, a documentary about Joe Strummer: It’s night. A campfire has been lit at a beach or somewhere. Now Imagine Bono sitting next to that fire – WEARING SHADES. He looks straight at the camera, his face completely deadpan, and delivers the following semi-spontaneous line: “If the Clash could do it, *YOU* could do it.” It’s not just the fake undertone in the way he says it, it’s just his entire persona that makes me cringe.

    Genius: **
    Jerk: ****
    Philantrophist: *****
    Next messiah: *
  • Clash Fans: All aboard the Train in Vain..?

    28. Mai. 2007, 15:42

    Hello everyone!

    (DISCLAIMER: this turned out to be a very long blog.. please, comment when you've read all of it. I'd like to dicuss it with you. Hmm, now I won't get any comments because I don't think anyone can be bothered to read all of this ^^ But if you do, thank you very muchos. Good Karma, baby. You'll be rewarded for it sooner or later.)

    I'm seeing Paul this summer (August 17) performing with TGTBTQ! I'm looking forward to it very much (I thought about going to England or France or Switzerland to see him play, but now I don't really have to because he's coming to the Netherlands!) and I had an "I miss Joe" moment the other day, so I really want to write about the clash right now and share my clash-love ^^

    I don't know if any of you ever go to their page, but I noticed that there's a bit of a discussion going on at the moment about Train in Vain (cf. the shoutbox).

    Anywho, I'm writing this because I don't agree with the people who say that "clash fans" can't say thatTrain in Vain is their favourite song. Okay, if Train in Vain is the ONLY clash song they know, and therefore they favourite, I get what you're saying. But that's not the case. This discussion is about people who know more clash-songs and who happen to like Train in Vain too.

    So, anyway, what is "a clash fan"? There's just so many different people, you can't say when someone is a fan or not. I tried to think like other Clash fans, and I still found it to be quite difficult to figure out the favourite-song-of-a-clas-fan. You'll see why, I hope.

    What's the favourite song of a clash fan, is it:

    1. A very obscure track? like Mark Me Absent because only FANS of the clash know that song?

    2. A B-side? like Mustapha Dance because that's the other half of Rock The Casbah and it's only available on Super Black Market Clash, so a) you must be a clash fan if you own that album, and b) you must be a fan if you actually took the time and effort to listen to the other half of Rock the Casbah, because a REAL clash lover conciders the first half of it to be dreadful!

    (I can hear some of you thinking: "The Clash sold out man! Rock the Casbah? That song is just way too popular! Fuck the Casbah if you ask me! A clash fan can't say that that Mustapha Dance is their favourite song, right?! Topper wrote that tune for fucks sake! A real clash fan only likes A Strummer/Jones song.. and well, okay.. Guns of Brixton is alright too, because Paul is a shy and hot cutie with a nice accent... and wow, reggae! Punk/reggae mix! And the song is on London Calling! A real clash fan LOVES london calling. Best record of the eighties.. yeah!")

    3. A Clash MkII song ? like We are the Clash because only a clash fan would buy Cut the Crapand say it's still a Clash album, even though half of the classical line up got sacked by then.. Clash-love till the end, mate!

    4. A "Green Record" song ?, like Career Opportunities, because that's when they were PUNK! That's how they started! A real clash fan only likes their first album songs, that band is punk after all, innit? Also, a real clash fan thinks of a cool album title for the first clash album.

    5. A Give 'Em Enough Rope song ? like Guns on the Roof because that's one UNDERRATED album! Only a clash fan could appreciate the sheer beauty of it!

    6. A Song with Mick-vocals? because first of all, only a fan can say if it's Mick singing or Joe and second, liking a Mick-song must mean that you know the other bandmembers aswell, not just their "official" frontman, Joe Strummer. That's a real fan!

    7. A London Calling song? Not London Calling or Train in Vain, mind you, because they have had lots of airplay and everyone knows them, and their other songs are more political and about what goes on in the world, you know. So a song like The Card Cheat is probably a safe pick if you want people to know that you're a Clash fan!

    (Clash fan #6 would probably like you too with that answer. But you'd probably have a row with Clash Fan #4 about who's more into the Clash!)

    8. A "sell-out" song? like Should I stay or Should I go, because only someone who's a Clash fan doesn't need to prove that by talking about unknown songs, and only a clash fan can proudly say: "My favourite song is SISOSIG.* This song's the reason that other people bought their albums and listened to their revolutionary music! I'm really happy for them that they finally got the fame they deserved."

    (* A clash fan will never say "should I stay or should I go", it's just too long. SISOSIG will do.. and only other real clash fans will know what you're talking about!)

    My opinion
    I hope you guys understand my point. I know my writing is a bit confusing, and don't take everything too serious/literally. I just think that there's no way that a favourite track can tell whether you're a clash fan or not. There is NO clash fan, there are different kinds of fans. Who know, you might not be a real clash fan to some people, even though YOU think that you're the most greatest fan of all.

    Anywho. I actually LIKE train in vain a lot. It's not my favourite song, but it definitely is one of my favourites.

    Fair enough, Train in Vain is a love song, but so what? The clash were about things that happen in the world, they wrote about what affected them. I think that love is a part of that too, don't you? They didn't do a lot of love songs ("too much songs have written about love already (..) The news is news, so it's not boring") why make such a fuss about it? It's not the end of the world to like a love song.

    By the way, Fan #9 could say that being a clash fan means that a clash fan doesn't like ONE sort of song and one sort only (their political/love/punk/backwards/jazz/honkytonk/etc. songs), but also the other songs they did.

    Have you ever heard that drum intro? It's fantastic! I don't know how Tops does it, but it's brilliant! Have you ever heard how Mick's voice cracks when he goes: "lieieieieieieieiie" for the first time on, I think, one of the bootlegs? Have you ever watched the train in vain video and seen that Joe yells something at mick during the solo? Have you figured out what he's yelling? If you have, tell me, because I've watched that video a hundred time and I still don't know!

    You see, train in vain isn't JUST a love song. It's like their other songs. The more you listen to it, the more you hear/see, you notice those little things that you hadn't noticed before. That's why I like this song! Not to mention that it's the song that cheers me up when I'm so disappointed in people ("You didn't stand by me, no not at all"), and don't forget: this GREAT song was written, rehearsed and recorded in one day. Not many bands can do that.

    I think a lot of people who in the clash shoutbox think I'm not a clash fan. So be it. For those of you who wonder what kind of fan I am: I think I'm Clash Fan 10.

    10.almost all of their songs , although they're too scared to listen to cut the crap because that was without Mick, and they just can't imagine the Clash without Mick. This fan talks to every kind of clash fan, just like The Clash did. Writes blogs about the Clash when she should actually be revising for geography. Buys books about the clash. Cried about Joe Strummers death. This person has figured out where Paul Simonon and Mick Jones live, but is too scared to send them a "thank you for everything" letter, because she doesn'T want them to think she's a stalker. But she should, because the Clash changed her life and they deserve a fucking thank you for that.

    That's all I have to say for now ^^

    bye bye x
  • Things I always wanted to do because of the song

    22. Mär. 2007, 21:25

    * wish on space hardware

    * send you the pillow, the one that I dream on

    * dream that my dr. martens turn to ice cream

    * dodge the cops and bunk the train to stardom

    * fall with a bang with the quick gas gang

    * go down in celluloid history

    * learn how to spell Cairo really fast

    * take protein pills and put my helmet on

    * drink sangrea in the park

    * stay in the garage all night

    and, well... "Right now, it's time to..."

    * kick out the jams, motherfucker!

    Feel free to add yours :)

    The Clash
    Sex Gang Children
    The Smiths
    Lou Reed
    David Bowie
    The Cure
    Billy Bragg
    The Smiths
    Sham 69
  • Who knows bands that are named after a song?

    18. Okt. 2006, 11:05

  • The "Those-aren't-the-correct-lyrics"-Quiz

    8. Jun. 2006, 21:41

    I guess everyone knows how the lyrics quiz works.
    There's just a tiny difference in my quiz though. Instead of giving you the correct lyrics, I'll give you some misheard-lyrics I heard myself or which I found on the net.

    So, for example : "Here comes Dwayne, I love Dwayne"
    is actually Rain - The Cult ("Here comes the rain, I love the rain")

    Ok. Let's start :) Remember.. no google :)

    1. I want you, oooon tooooop oooof meeeeee
    HINT: Buzzcocks

    2. Standing there in palestine, laughing at jews
    HINT: You ain't happy unless you got one..

    3. And in the darkened underpants I thought "Oh GOd, my chance has come at last!"
    The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    Correct Lyrics: And in the darkened underpass I thought Oh god my chance has come at last.

    4. Now I'm banging you, I'm banging you
    Hint: From the band that also did "I am the erection"

    5. Funky Asphalt.. Funky Asphalt!
    The Clash - Rock the Casbah
    Correct Lyrics: Rock the casbah.. rock the casbah!

    6. My head smelled just like two-balls-soup.
    Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
    Correct Lyrics: My hands felt just like two balloons.

    7. Teenage spacemen..We're all SPACEMEN...
    The Who - Baba O Riley
    Correct Lyrics: Teenage wasteland.. We're all wasted

    8. We've got one flea, one flea, one flea. Pity!
    Hint: The Cure

    9. The allergy's a dream
    HINT: Do you mind?

    10. I'm gonna send you every inch of my gloves
    Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta love
    Correct Lyrics: I'm gonna give you every inch of my love

    11. He couldn't cut the mmmmmmmonster!
    HINT: I see another hurdle approaching!

    12. It's a good thing you don't wear mustache.
    HINT: If it wasn't for your Stiff Little Fingers nobody would know you were dead..

    13. Dirty jeans, and they smell like sheep
    AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    Correct Lyrics: Dirty Deeds, done dirt cheap.

    14. I want a piece of Dee Dee.
    Ramones - I wanna be sedated
    Correct lyrics: I wanna be sedated

    15. I'll give you Diet Sprite
    HINT: Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton..

    16. You're looking pretty, tart, in your chicken skin suit
    HINT: Sing, michael, sing!

    17. When you wear that dress, It brings out your best, 'cause you're dirty.

    Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
    Correct Lyrics: With you in that dress, my thoughts I confess, verge on dirty

    18. Gravy, on mashed po-ta-toeoees
    HINT: Ozzy

    19. She's got a stick in her eye, and she don't care.
    The Beatles - Ticket to Ride
    Correct lyrics: She's got a ticket to ride, and she don't care.

    20. The apple lotion is fogging up my eyes.
    The Kinks - Apemen
    Correct Lyrics: The air pollution is fogging up my eyes

    The Clash,Ramones,
    BuzzcocksStiff Little FingersAC/DCThe SmithsThe WhoThe CureLed ZeppelinPink Floyd

    EDIT: I gotta say, you guys are really good at this :)