• yeah it was great [4]

    10. Mai. 2013, 7:29

    Thu 9 May – James Blake, FaltyDL


    Yeah so we're seeing james blake, so it aint gonna be BAD its gonna be killer

    it was at the Terminal 5. here we go

    Before the show, blake #vined this video, which is funny as HELL and look at airhead (his guitarist) dance like that. omg. im dead

    okay so get this: there was this cutie standing next to me and we were all the way left in the front row yknow? but she talked at like -100 decibels and i couldnt even know what she was saying lol. and i would be like be hoppin and dancing and she was like not even moving cmon girl shake those hips. i probably looked like a freak cause i was the only one hoppin but who cares. she was cool cause she was THEREand anyone who was THERE at the blake concert was cool cause they are blake fans!!

    moving on, FaltyDL opened and his performance was better than in December. of course it was just live mixing from a laptop but i liked the selection now a half year later.

    SO ya blake killed it like usual, sided by his yurolad duo Airhead & Ben Assiter. i was in the front row so i soaked in their yuro sunshine. i wanted them to play Every Day I Ran again, but it was unlikely seeing all his new content. He played a majority of the new album and his classics.

    afterward i got a couple pre-signed? albums and i can imagine blake signing all these with his lads like airhead is also signing with blakes signature lmao. "Sign faster, my little one!" JUST KIDDING i know blake is very dedicated. and handsome

    after the show i hung out with some blake fangirls who had the tracklist, we all tried to stalk blake together but then they had to leave. so I hung out with who I assume are /mu/tants, they all had afros (for real). WE SAW BLAKE COME OUT OF THE VENUE and Airhead was the first one to jolt to the bus, and blake kinda was like "hello friends. I must go, my people need me!" and also left.

    then i left

    rating: 999/1000 it was super, but blake didnt play anti war dub and whenever that (Doesnt) happen you subtract a point cause his anti war dub cover BANGS.

    look at this blake is cute

    james blake james blake

    tl;dr hello world i love you if you saw james blake today then youre a winner G J!

    honestly it was so good that i cant even remember it. it was THAT good that the entire thing was just SO GREAT that i cant remember any part of it

    no i wasnt drunk im not 21 yet for a few weeks

    if we're lucky, will have the live recording up within a week or so.
  • yeah it was great [3]

    13. Dez. 2012, 2:00

    Tue 11 Dec – James Blake, FaltyDL

    "yeah, i'm a huge james blake fan!" The girl to my left responded in her english accent. To my surprise, she had only listened to his self-titled album and "what's his latest one.." which was her name for Enough Thunder.

    Girl, please. like she said she listens to blake every day and only listens to 18 songs on repeat? lol! Also here was this solo dude who i was gonna talk to, I know he knew more blake than she but he was always adverting his gaze and being shy. Maybe he was the one who'd know about Blake's debut Untold Remix. Or Trimbal.

    "Until next time" blake said as he did a proper bow (because blake knows DaS pvp mannerism i bet he plays that shit instead of working on new music ~*You Were Invaded By YuroLadLWHH*~) and walked off after the final encore, which was A Case of You because blake is fruity pebbles. At least he played Air&Lack (which totally confused the girl next to me), CMYK, and Klavierwerke.

    also faltydl is an herb


    also check this out

    this is fucking sick
  • yeah it was great [2]

    9. Sep. 2012, 6:19

    Sat 8 Sep – Ladyhawke, Computer Magic

    ok who cares about ladyhawke i went for computer magic

    danz i luv u

    ur very nice and kind and talented

    stay safe
  • yeah it was great

    16. Mai. 2012, 4:56

    Tue 15 May – The Beach Boys

    brian pls marry me your voice is still great

    even tho u could be my grandpa

    love, me
  • The Definition of Pure

    17. Jan. 2012, 19:33

    Pure, in general form, is acting with selfless intentions whilst living a life of proactive, correct and logical choices where blame is nonexistent and there replaced with gratitude.