• M3-34

    7. Nov. 2014, 11:58

    so many great tunes where do i start

    C.H.S - deposition e.p.2: mang, this goes hard in a slow way and that definitely isn't a bad thing by any means. new love
    Lilium Records (Arch vs Sanaas) - Ray of Eternity: hardcore tings, but too many generic vocal samples here and there. i dig Answer and nora2r's Pink Blink remix nonetheless
    ETIA. - Hard & Catchy: quality jams, in need of more trancecore stuffs. (Love is not) Logical is some neat hard dance doe. wouldn't mind more of that
    Next Reflection - Resonance of reverse/obverse: takes me to another planet. departure and starless #1
    Unitone - Unitone phase:03: Kenichi Chiba MIA ;; aran's Wipeout / Reconstruction too similar to Old Heaven / Wanderlust, respectively. will jam to DA and the rest
    SKETCH UP! Recordings - JP-H/D #05: original bangerz, 10/10, would blast again
    J-NERATION - J-NERATION: j-core fusions unite. how is Kobaryo so versatile. promise also 2gud
    Massive CircleZ - Massive Circlez 4: COME ON OVAAAAAAAAAAA
    GAT - GAT Friends: GAT02 still the best in my heart. i'm not that hype on big room yet. Muryoku-P's Intent, however...
    Lilium Records - Lilium X1: Noriken's totally killing it with all his hardcore rave stuff lately. the house stuff on here is coolio
    SOLIDBOX RECORDS - SOLIDCORE VII: the majority is a bit underwhelming imo; Fuck The System stood out to me. always a pleasure hearing XIO too
    AcuticNotes - I/K INTERCEPTION KNOWS: An confirmed hacktivist. still pumping out great albums with interesting themes to boot. the various collabs keep his works fresh as well
    Binzokomegane Girls Union - 秋奏色フルコース: what is this collaborative effort. it's cool hearing some artists like Genki and C-Show out of their usual elements. Taishi and void gone though :<
    pichnopop - HAPPYNATION #02: so upbeat and happenin'. Noriken's totally on his hardcore game lately, DID I SAY THAT ALREADY
    Illegal wave Records - Reincarnation: i have mixed feelings on this one. can't get into Succubus Helna / Morita yuuhei / baruA's style of gabber; need more exposure in the long run perhaps. i can ride with 300yEn and 6th for sure
    MINAMOTRANCE - E.O.W.A.: mah main man. classic Minamotoya tracks with a dash of middle eastern / oriental vibes
    Japanese Stream Hardcore - Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol.5: a variety of different styles to love on this compilation of mainstream hardcore. Capture grabbed my attention
    Digital Logics - Silhouette: so chill, uplifting and progressive. think i found my favourite of the event unless Noizenecio can deliver
    Digital Logics (BERNIS) - The stars my destination: ahhhh. fucking Yuri Yuzriha. the piano parts fill me up with so much emotion; i might tear up any moment now. top tier shit
    SOLIDBOX RECORDS (Noizenecio) - TRICK OF PHANTOM: listening to this made me think that i should pay more attention to the mainstream hardcore scene in general. Noizenecio best. The fury of excitement, Typhoon, the older tracks, the remixes; unrivaled mang
    ADSRecordings - A [Are you ready?]: some big room, some mainstream house. i can bob my head to this. MK solo album when
    Splash Energy Recordings - Voice of the Wolves: i like the consistency on this album. varying up freeform is beyond me