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DeftonesSweetest Perfection 14. Okt. 2012
DeftonesHop Burg Hop 14. Okt. 2012
DeftonesMilk 14. Okt. 2012
DeftonesEngine Number Nine 14. Okt. 2012
DeftonesGift 14. Okt. 2012
DeftonesHump 14. Okt. 2012
DeftonesAnswers 14. Okt. 2012
DeftonesPlastic 14. Okt. 2012
DeftonesChristmas 14. Okt. 2012
DeftonesVenision (demo A) 14. Okt. 2012
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Über mich

For Cirka:sik, 2012 has been a year of many ups and some downs. A year of surprises. Having a late start due to a lineup change, March 9th was a brand new beginning for the Villains. Currently filling the Villains lineup is KFW, Omniom, J-syn, and Steve Fralix. Reclaiming the throne as one of the best in Sin City with acclamied shows in and out of Las Vegas. Headlining the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Reno, NV, and to parts of Utah. Being ask by name to share the stage with National acts in the last year, such as Motorgrater (twice), Spineshank, Fear Factory, and American Head Charge! In June they began recording the followup to their debut album "C1S1" (avaliable through i-tunes). Sounding more well rounded and seasoned it is one of the most anticipated albums of 2012. With release date somewhere around the end of the year, it will be a new level for local and National acts to follow.

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