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  • dtismajesty

    I have been very impressed with your efforts so far, and there is a lot of great things you could do with your music! If there is one piece of advice I can offer, it's this... don't try to hard to fit in with the "prog" scene... it can become quite a limitation in terms of close-minded fans who will turn their nose up at your every attempt to change your sound... just play what feels right!

    1. Mai. 2010 Antworten
  • Aetheraeon

    Mensen die jonger zijn dan ik en prog maken. Dat zie ik graag ;) Net jullie nummer "Awakening" geluisterd en klinkt zeer interessant. Zal de rest binnenkort ook eens luisteren. Keep up the good work, zoals ze dat dan zeggen!

    11. Nov. 2009 Antworten
  • djraghkstar

    caught u while listening to jamiroquai. will check u out. do u have a myspace. if so get at me. lets do some biz. may be able to help u get heard more also. peace [ /]

    10. Jun. 2009 Antworten
  • macu017

    Hey i really enjoy with "shadow of my fantasy" keep on doing that way See you

    17. Apr. 2009 Antworten
  • Millsurfer

    You should really hang an ear to Robert Fripp. Our friend has lots of interesting statements on. E.g. Where Music Comes From ia worth listening

    4. Mär. 2009 Antworten

Über mich

Circus Paranoia is a Progressive Rock band from the Netherlands, formed in 2008 by Imre van Son (keys and vocals) and Cesar Vinken (guitars, bass, vocals, keys, brass). In 2010 Power Plant musicians Mathijs Tieken (drums) and Freek van Emaus (bass) joined the band.
So far Circus Paranoia has released 2 albums. Defined Skies (2009) is a two-hour rock opera about a science and love. Caveman (2010) draws the image of the caveman, the basic human. All 5 tracks on Caveman are exactly 12 minutes, each track handling another aspect of the “Caveman’s” life.
All compositions are written by Vinken and Van Son. The music is characterized by a combination of Progressive Rock, Pop and Funk. The band’s lyrics are written by Imre van Son.

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