Ben Folds and the Fort Wayne Symphony


6. Okt. 2008, 6:30

Fri 3 Oct – Ben Folds, Fort Wayne Philharmonic

Fort Wayne Symphony + Ben Folds

Zak And Sara
All You Can Eat
Kylie From Connecticut
Ascent of Stan
Fred Jones Part 2
Not The Same
One Down (Solo)
The Last Polka (Solo)
Steven's Last Night In Town
The Luckiest (encore 1)
Hava Nagila (encore 2)
Army solo (encore 2)

Brooke, Steve, Kelly and I drove out to Fort Wayne, IN on Friday. This is after I just stayed at Brooke's house after Kevin on Wednesday, to save gas and to be a lazy bum on her couch. :P And to not feel so bummed out about work.

So anyway, drove out. I had forgotten how short my black skirt was. I always want to slap people around a bit at a symphony show for being in jeans.

The show opened with a great first act. 80 piece orchestra played tequila, and this awesome beatles medley. among other things. the audience was cool though. during the come together part of the beatles medley the conductor stopped the orchestra to hear the audience sing the "over me" bit. and he conducted us to say the "Tequila!" part. They were having a blast.

Then Ben came out. Showed us what he was made of. Gracie nearly made me cry, dunno why. Last Polka was awesome, as always. And Kylie gave me the shivers.

I feel like there's not a whole lot to type out about this show. I was SHOCKED AS HELL when Ben came out again for the second encore. Thought he was just gonna do the wave-and-run bit like he did in Nashville. But he busted out Hava Nagila (which, haha, was the only new add to my tally sheet) and then "cause i kept hearing this guy request it" he put out Army. Besides Kylie, Last Polka and Brick the show was the same. I think I've filled my quota of Ben Orchestra shows. It was good. But, there's more variety in a "Trio" show.


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